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"The United States military is an organization of paid killers…."     (Peace post of 24 August)

Please identify for me a military which does not fit that description.
I know that Peace and other progressives looking upon the military with distain and try to use them as a global "meal on wheels" while experimenting on them with all their wacky social engineering ideas. All of this in addition to Obama’s drastic reductions in their efficiency and effectiveness is putting the US in danger. This is particularly true with regard to Russia and China.
Russia has invaded Ukraine and China is flexing its muscles in the far east even going so far as to aggressively buzz one of our planes in international air space. Neither Russia nor China respect Obama or fear anything he might do and that lack of respect and fear puts the US in danger. Both countries are aggressively advancing their territorial aspirations and conquests. How far this will go under Obama is a good question.
Allowing Obama two more years to destroy the US military might be their plan so when they go full force with their territorial aggression it will be the next president’s fault. Will that be Hillary? Hopefully not! However, as I have said many times over the years, I do not minimize the Republicans ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so anything is possible. 
Assuming the continued downgrading of our military, a Republican president in 2016 and a Russian and/or Chinese military expansion I know the leftist media will blame the Republican president just as they blames Bush for 9/11 when the entire stage for that catastrophe was set by Clinton. Never forget the "Gorelick Wall" which forbad the sharing of vital information between and among the FBI, CIA and other organizations which prevented these organizations from putting all the information together which could have prevented 9/11!
In the convoluted thinking of progressives like Peace the fact that the US has some negative baggage in its history we can never out live those negatives. Everything we have done which is positive, such as saving the world in WWI, WWII and the cold war plus all of our humanitarian efforts can never minimize, much less erase, those negative marks. Any good the US does must always be downgraded with references to the past. 
The same is true with Republican and Conservative individuals and their treatment by progressives. No Republican or Conservative can ever atone for their mistakes. Take Strom Thurmand for example – He opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and was a segregationist. He was never able to live down these negatives from his past regardless of what he did thereafter. On his 100th birthday Trent Lott praised his service to the country and was excoriated by the press. 
On the contrary take Robert Byrd – not only was Byrd as much of a segregationist as Thurmund he too voted against eh Civil Rights Act of 1964. On top of that Byrd was a high ranking official of the KKK for decades and undoubtedly responsible, if not directly then indirectly, for many criminal activities against blacks and other minorities. When Byrd died in 2010, Obama and Clinton praised his service. Neither of them were excoriated for that praise by the leftist press.
Republican Thurmund was never able to live down his past while democrat Byrd was more than able to because the left is most forgiving of its own and never forgives the opposition, Republicans and Conservatives. Just look at the recent racist comments by democrat Filthy Harry Reid while speaking to the Asian Chamber of Commerce. If those things were said by a Republican or Conservative it would shave been headline news for weeks and probably months along with endless demand for that individual’s resignation from any and all public and political positions. 
However,  because these things were said by a democrat all that was necessary was for an apology to be made and all is forgiven. Similar racist comments were made by that idiot Joe Biden leading up to Obama’s first run at the presidency when he said that Obama was clean, articulate and didn’t have a "negro" accent! Of course Biden also said that one has to have an Indian accent to work a 7-11 and other racist and bigoted comments for decades. But, that’s just Joe as far as progressives are concerned so he is never held to the same standards as anyone from the right.
In other news we find that ISIS has murdered some 250 Syrians soldiers recently captured forcing them to undress before lining them up and shooting them. This action certainly brings back memories of the nazis. What is Obama’s strategy for dealing with ISIS?
Obama announced today, 8/28, that he has no strategy for dealing with ISIS.
Doesn’t that just fill you with confidence? We are certainly facing serious trouble and all we get is a vote of "PRESENT" from Obama! So much for electing an empty suit with a resume the thickness of which can hardly be measures in nanometers!
Russell Brand, one of Peace’s idols, recently let us all see the real racism that he tries to hide. In a rant from the back seat of a limo he attacked Jason Riley, author of the book Please stop helping us, because he doesn’t live in a black neighborhood, doesn’t sound like he’s black and doesn’t act black. To racists such as Brand for blacks to speak eloquently is acting white. That must also apply to Obama since Biden said he doesn’t speak with a negro accent, unless he needs to! 
Recently Brand’s former spouse, Katy Perry said she doesn’t need a man. After dealing with Brand it is no wonder she feels that way. Apparently he notified her that he wanted a divorce via, email, a twit or on Facebook, I forget which. He is most certainly a loser!
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