Abolishing the Republican Party

Whenever someone criticizes one party like I do the Republicans many assume it’s some kind of partisan maneuver.  I don’t like either party.  I’ve written plenty critical of Democrats as well.  But one has to understand that one of the parties is simply worse, that would be the Republicans.  Both parties are funded by Wall Street.  Both parties believe in global imperialism, war, massive military and surveillance spending.  There is much agreement by the two corporate parties.  But … the Republicans are obviously worse.  They are more beholden to corporate polluters, more beholden to the superrich, more aligned with Christian theocrats, more destructive of the environment.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, popular apparently because he has a cool last name and is a minority Republican from a swing state, is in the news for denying that humans are responsible for climate change.  Humans are responsible for climate change.  Human burning of fossil fuels is the reason CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has reached unprecedented levels and is steadily increasing.  The problem is that doing something about it interferes with the economic agenda of the corporations Republicans are most beholden to: oil companies, coal companies, military-industry, and so forth.  Republicans, therefore, argue against scientific reality and threaten the survival of the human species.  This must not stand.

People who care about long-term human survival can take no other position logically than supporting and trying to convince others to remove all popular support from the Republican Party and abolish the party.  The Republicans in the 1850’s and 1860’s had some noble attributes but by the end of Reconstruction, through the 1870’s and beyond, the Republicans became the party of big business and spent most of the 20th century opposing popular democracy and human progress.  Today, the Republicans are a monstrous right-wing corporate imperial behemoth actively working for humanity’s destruction in pursuit of corporate profits and plutocratic class domination.  Marco Rubio is actually being described in the mass media as a possible presidential candidate.  No human-caused climate change denier should be allowed to run for major office in this country.  That is up to the people of America to withdraw support from these irrational servants of capitalism in its worst form and force the government of the country to make the necessary changes to the global economy to make life sustainable for ourselves and for future generations.  Enough is enough.  We cannot allow the destruction of humankind because we’re too afraid to stand up against the corporate owners and the Christian fanatics.  The planet is suffering because of human activity under corporate capitalism.  There is no more space for enabling irrational Republican policies.  Their agenda is simply too destructive.  You can help, ye citizen of Oswego, by never voting for any Republican candidate again, never tuning into their propaganda outlets in the mass media on radio and tv, never allowing your mind to be influenced or persuaded by these servants of corporate power and religious backwardness.  Unless you are actively and consciously hoping for the end of humanity on this planet, you have no choice but to bury the Republican Party once and for all.  Thank you.


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