Peace has been banned from Oswego Lying???!!!! The Emperor really banned him?? Maybe the Emperor isn’t so bad after all eliminating such an unpatriotic, hate filled guy especially when it comes to the US and Israel.

Peace got all bent out of shape over Captain Ed’s truthful explanations of the responsibilities of citizenship as related to the Second Amendment. Since Peace is so anti-American it comes as no surprise that he refuses to do his civic duty and be prepared to be called up to defend the country.
I do wonder though if Captain Ed isn’t an alter ego for the Emperor himself. That would certainly explain Peace being banned when he tried to respond to the Captain’s great explanations of how the Second Amendment works and the responsibilities for citizens. It is something to consider.
Now Peace his ranting about all the bad countries were are allying with to fight even worse guys who want to take over the world. As far as Peace is concerned we should stay out of it and let ISIS, or whomever, take over the Middle East. Peace would not be sad to see that bunch take out Israel. As far as Peace is concerned the Jews have no right to any land in the Middle East and should be removed, or killed I suppose. Just another pogrom. 
Peace still harps on his delusion that Israel is occupying the nonexistent palestinian homeland. While Peace loves to go back in history to bring up all the bad things he loves to harp on he cannot see any historical significance to the Israeli claims to Jerusalem and the surrounding area even though Israel consisted of it present size PLUS parts of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. 
Even when the muslim Ottoman Empire was at it height they never bothered to consider Jerusalem as their capitol. Suddenly, now it becomes important to these palestinians mostly because it denies the Jews their most sacred place. Again, remember that the Temple Mount is only the THIRD most sacred place to muslims while it is the First for Jews. The Dome of the Rock and the other mosque there should be razed or moved to let Israel build it’s third temple. 
For all of Peace’s hatred for the US government because of its bad history one has to wonder why he is pushing for a massive progressive/socialist government. I have never denied the sins of the US Government but I have no doubt that an even stronger progressive/socialist government would be far, far worse. Peace probably thinks that because he is a proponent of such a massive government that he’ll receive some kind of special treatment and not be subject to all of the massive constraints on individual freedom such a government will bring.
In his simplistic thinking everyone will be equal, receive the same pay regardless of the work they do OR DO NOT DO. We’ll all live in the some kind of home or apartment, except for the political elite of which Peace expects to be part of.
Oh, well, it is difficult to figure out a delusional, fractious mind such as Peace’s. His love/hate relationship with government probably adds to his conspiracy theory view of everything which I mentioned in my last post. He should really attempt to come to grips with his inconsistencies.
Doc Bill

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