Again, Peace’s true colors shine through. Comrade, lol, what a joke. Do you actually think you could make it in a Communist country, or a Socialist country. They dont put up with over educated under performing fools like you. You wouldn’t make it, working for the better of the people because you would actually have to work. You know, …

Peace Under Assault

I wish the person who wrote "Peace and his young friend" would sign a name so I can know which "conservative" I’m responding to.  Doc Bill loves to submit unsigned posts so he can then agree with himself.  He obviously wrote the unsigned post about putting words in mouths in order to pontificate about the Straw Man which he himself …

Climate Change Hoax • Censored portion of UN report leaked; says data exaggerated By John Friend  The recently released report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is comprised of an international group of scientists sponsored by the United Nations (UN), is extremely alarmist in nature, despite the fact that numerous top climate scientists have admitted …

Local Peace

Ok, enough with the Big Issues for a day.  You want some local, here’s some local: Why the bejesus can’t the city hire an army of the unemployed to fill potholes and pick up garbage … it’s called public works … what, we can’t rise to the level of the 1930’s?  Have you driven around lately?  It’s like a goddamn obstacle …

Head in the bubble doc.

Hey Doc the Republicans run the house with an overwhelming majority…how can they be "frozen out?" You so silly. How about a long diatribe with some big words on this one? Love y’all ramblings.

You Doc Bill

One thing people should give you doc bill is that you certainly have a healthy ego.

irish inn your husbands!

watch out,new bar maid at irish inn sexual favors and also choice of drugs for sale.really need to screen your help.lots of people wont be going there any longer.she plays a big game with peoples husband out with her all night last week,came home money was careful ladies.

Bravo Doc Bill…this time only

I agree Obama did create more fuel for the Race War. It was very irresponsible of him to say anything that insinuated the Trayvon-Zimmerman decision was Race related. Obama is turning out to be a very poor leader.

re druggys

how you all likeing your city wanted them,now you got them.just ask yourself how many times do you remember a stabbing or shooting in oswego before the blacks,mexicans and towel heads came flash,,NEVER.enjoy your cultural are now nothing but welfare,low life trash.