Looking for a friend

I’m looking for a friend that I went to school with, her name is Cary Hess and all I know is she lives in the Oswego area. If anyone has any information email me at bgmmss@aol.com.

classic car

fore sale 1956 ford customline 312 3speed on floor more information and pictures email vmaxzx1100 @ aol.com


I have noticed several postings for items for sale and places for rent. Why not have a special link on the site for such postings. If someone is looking for an item or for a place to rent they can get the info without sifting through all the postings for the day and perhaps you can leave those postings for …

Nice to see nothing has changed in Oswego

I lived in Oswego for all of my life and it is good to see that people are still the same even after my family and i have left. I like to see the local b****h. Keeps me informed with the crap that is going on in town and what people are ticked about. It is rather funny. Same s**t …