holiday stress=rob bank?!?!

the guy who decided to ventilate his head with a 20 gauge after robbing your community missed a few steps. this was a violent act to begin with by a selfish man. i dont know what he was thinkin but i am sure sorry for his family.good job to the sherrifs dept. who if not for there training and skill …

happy holidays

to friends and family back in oswego happy holidays. miss you all and hope to see you all very soon signed servin the country overseas

Skimpy Tips

I do deliveries for a restaurant in Oswego, and I must say, a lot of you out there are shoddy tippers. Fortunately about half of you tip well/normal, a few bucks for bartenders, 15%-20% for waiters or waitresses, and $2 or more for deliveries, depending on the size of the order and how far out it is. We have to …

The new website

I think the site is moving in the right direction, but it’s still not there. You are paying for the site, why not just start regular old bulliten board? The software is free and a lot easier to navigate and maintain. You don’t have to approve posts, you can assign a few moderators and give them authority to remove offensive …


just to inform people on treatment of student employees. they are one of the worlds largest chains and didn”t so much as give emloyees a merry christmas. my son worked christmas eve to make their millions and wasn’t even acknowledged McDonalds you are pitiful A workers mother

In the future

If you become aware of someone who is intent on bank robbery please contact a responsible person who might be WILLING and able to intervene and dissuade the individual.

Welcome Back Fran

Welcome back Fran. Good luck with PHP-Nuke. It makes a lot of sense for a forum such as IO. From one entertainer to another, here is hoping for an entertaining new year. Keep up the controversy.

I love oswego

Thanks for brining this site back,,,I love to read other peoples opinions ,,,most are valid,some are vauge….all in all i love Oswego