School District Again

Who pays for the law suits against Oswego City Schools?  Rumblings again of the Oswego Middle School getting sued along with 10 plus teachers there.  No one can stop this school administration leadership and its bullheadednes from ruining this district?  

secure schools

if society uses armed security guards to protect stuff like money, then why not a more precious commodity: our students!

re; Leighten school

I hope you are the same person that is posting correction – you see I need to correct you now  – Leighton school is spelled LEIGHTON!!!!!!!!  

Leighten School

What is the story about Leighten School.  No comment from the school board?????

Why do we need an assistant AD at the high school

We the tax payers are going to pay 145 thousand dollars for two football coaches to coach football and the ad job? Make sure you go and be heard Tuesday 7/24. Don’t the board waste money on football when we are lacking in the classroom.


. I received a call on Wednesday stating that my child failed her US History regents exam by 2 points.Mind you she took the class last year and passed it with high 90’s but has failed the regents yet again for the THIRD time still just shy of those two points. I myself being the best adocate for my child …

New AD/Coach

Connors is a great coach but we better buy him some bigger, faster players if he’s even going to be competitive. And if the AD job is so cushy how come we’re adding an assistant athletic director?  So 10K to coach football and 50K for an assistant AD makes it pretty much a 60K taxpayer burden to hire a coach …

Waste of Tax Dollars

So the great board of education is pulling another fast one by us tax payers.  Apparently since the current athletic director took a new position at a much finer school district , it is said that a few board members told the AD to leave his position immediately but they are still paying him until he starts his new position.  …


Folks this is an atrocity. William Crist the superintendent of schools is proposing that the school board give a 2% raise to underperformers Cathleen Chamberlain and Peter Myles. Quite frankly Ms Chamberlain and Mr Myles are the most useless human beings on the face of the planet. Any time you speak to either of these individuals its like a deer …

Why Pay So Much

Why are the property taxes so much? The unions and the is not managed correctly. Don’t let the cycle continue. Demand a change. Remember it is your money that the unions are voting to pay themselves with. It’s simple demand cut backs in the budget. It is your money !!!!