School Board Needs Help

These commercials I keep hearing on the radio about the teacher unions saving the world are some of the biggest propaganda commercials known to man kind. The reason the unions are spending the money on these ads is keep you feeling good while they keep stealing your tax dollars to pay for their extravagant salaries and benefits. Doing their job …


could someone please tell me why we need more large buses since i am yet to see one with anymore that 10-12 students on board?


I certainly hope the people of Oswego do not choose to enable Sean Madden this coming May 15 The last thing Madden needs needs is free and open access to our children Sean does not attend all of the OHS sports, and take teenagers to SU sporting events, because he is supportive. He has other motives. He constantly seeks to hang out …

Stay in Place at OHS

What is with the many "stay in place" episodes that happen almost daily at the high school?  As a parent, I know I would appreciate being informed once in awhile about these.

the coach

the coach is probably tired of having to deal with self-indulged, spoiled little brats who have been coddled all their lives and have problems with authority figures …

OHS Coach

Everyone needs to stop speculating on the Coach Reed issue.   There’s more to it than 1 practice and 1 letter.  The BOE does not have to give all the details both for the benefit of the coach and the players.  Enough.  Unless you know the full details and want to publish them for everyone to review objectively stop making assumptions.


doesnt matter because oswego schools just booted a real coach who wanted to teach the kids how to be competitive … that’s why oswego teams are so soft!!!!

Oswego Athletics

Hey BOE while we are looking at some coaches and their issues, how about my daughter coming home from open gym lacrosse practice being told she had to attend open gyms to try out for the varsity lacrosse team?  Why have we been selling NYS lottery tickets for a school trip as well, still not sure how that was legal …

Oswego teams doing well

So much negativity towards our sports teams, how about we say congratulations to the boys and girls volleyball teams.  Both varsity teams are number 1 in their CNYCL league, and both the boys and girls JV teams are having great seasons as well.  Congratulations to our boys and girls on the JV and Varsity teams, keep it up, you make …