Folks this is an atrocity. William Crist the superintendent of schools is proposing that the school board give a 2% raise to underperformers Cathleen Chamberlain and Peter Myles.

Quite frankly Ms Chamberlain and Mr Myles are the most useless human beings on the face of the planet. Any time you speak to either of these individuals its like a deer in headlights because I really do not believe they have a brain inside their heads.

As school district administrators neither of these individuals have accomplished anything.

Unfortunately this past Tuesday the school board had an opportunity to fire Ms Chamberlain by not renewing her contract. The board came within 1 vote of firing this overpaid and underworked individual.

Please contact your board members Kathleen Allen, Fran Hoefer, John Dunsmoor, Bill Myer and Sam Tripp and tell them to vote NO on the proposed raise for the worthless administrators.

Trust me, there ain’t anyone in the world aside from Bill Crist and Jim Tschudy who feel these people are worth the money they make — no school district would ever hire these people.

Cathy Chamberlain got her job by butt kissing. And Peter Myles – for Christ’s sake – he got his job because he FAILED so poorly as high school principal – that they needed to put him somewhere where he could do less damage. In the real world, he’d have been fired and he should have been! The last thing he needs is a frigging raise!!!

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