Christian Bastards, If You Will

The United States military is an organization of paid killers.  For most of its history, maybe all of its history, American soldiers, Christian soldiers, the deep Christian faith of American politicians and military personnel,  White Christian Terror organizations like the KKK [I apologize to all the black members of the KKK], the deep religious conviction of damn near everyone … I didn’t feel like finishing that sentence – thoughts are conveyed, f*** grammar.  All the Christian fanaticism in the U.S. Air Force for example – mass killing and mass Christianity … but the Muslims! the Muslims are … kinda the same as us … ya know human and violent and "faithful" to a Middle Eastern monotheistic religion [although some Muslims and others look at Christianity as sort of polytheistic with the whole Trinity thing and the worship of saints and stuff … the whole Jesus was the Son of God thing seems kinda weird to Muslims who believe their Prophet Muhammad was a human being and nothing more.  But they both suck.  Christianity should wither away as should Islam.  Religious belief is incompatible with rational thought no matter the specifics of the religion. 

Words like "Jihad" and all that Islamophobic horse****:  they are violent killers, Americans are violent killers.  For the past hundred years the United States achieved hegemony over the people of planet Earth and has employed an overtly Christian rhetoric to justify and rationalize and bend the public mind into accepting non-stop warring, bombing, invading, occupying, torturing … we call this activity "democratizing" or "spreading democracy" or "liberating tyrannies" or "defending ourselves" or "promoting freedom and democracy" … the rest of the world just sees it as brutally aggressive violence.  They’re more convinced by the pictures of bloodied and dismembered dead people, mostly civilians, wherever the Muslim population happens to be that is enduring either direct US attack or some US-backed state’s attack like Israel or Egypt or the various dictatorships and their "security forces" which have been busy keeping the Arab populations of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq under Saddam (whom the U.S. supported from 1968-1990 and tacitly after by strangling the Iraqi civilian population with "genocidal" U.N. sanctions according to two white Western gentlemen who directed the most brutal sanctions regime in human history because Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright "thought the price was worth it." [what’s a few hundred thousand dead Iraqi children?  We’re "containing Saddam!"] … and so on and so forth … keeping those Arab populations decidedly unfree and undemocratic.

The Domestic Culture?  Gun-crazed lunatics whose first instinct is to shout "My 2nd Amendment Rights come from the Greatest Constitution Ever written by the slaveowners, lawyers, bankers, militarists and imperialists inspired by Jesus Himself who Founded America thereby prolonging Slavery of Blacks and Genocide of Indians!"  George Washington never told a lie and all that bull****.  Carlin did a skit on that, American Bull****.  Anyway, the point I’m making, whenever a bunch of kids at school are shot dead because somebody was just taking advantage of his 1791-written 2nd Amendment "right to bear arms," even if it means the proper political response is to do nothing when these gun massacres of innocent American civilians, including children, take place repeatedly, the first reaction of much of the American population is to instantly forget about the dead children and get on with the important business of making sure people have guns easily, as many as they want, whatever kind they want, for any reason because it is their Christian-God Given American Right to have them.  We applaud when other societies slaughter defenseless children –  just take a look at the U.S. Congress’ reaction to Israel’s devastation of Gaza (3rd time in 6 years Israel has massacred men, women and children, bombed hospitals, bombed schools, destroyed thousands of family homes, bombed United Nations facilities, just commits the most horrible atrocities against a population that can do nothing but fire primitive projectiles [dramatically termed "rockets" by the corporate state and the corporate media] which might injure a couple people a month and occasionally kill 1 person once in a great while.  Meanwhile Israel is reducing entire Palestinian neighborhoods, towns even, to complete rubble … this is what "Israel" has been doing to Palestinian Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Palestinians as a nation of people deprived of their right to self-determination in their historic homeland … Israel has been using superior Western-supplied military equipment and weapons to systematically cleanse what they call the Land of Israel of its Palestinian inhabitants.  Right up to the present, the United States role is to block Israel from any international sanction or punishment of its clearly criminal activity in violation of the Geneva Conventions, international humanitarian law, international human rights law, U.N. Security Council Resolutions.  The United States, while allowing Israel to massacre innocents with complete impunity, simultaneously supplies much of the weaponry and cash for the Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Project.  The project got underway in earnest in 1947-48 when "Israel" evicted 700,000 Palestinians and destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages with its regular army the Haganah and two terrorist organizations [the Stern Gang and the Irgun] led by future Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir.  Since its 1967 occupation of the rest of Palestine left to the Palestinians [the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem are 22% of Palestine meaning Israel Without The Settlements is already 78% of the land … this in a country that was 90-95% Arab in the first decades of the 20th Century … by 1948 "Israel" had taken about 50 years to conquer 78% of the place … by 1967, the Israeli leadership was like "let’s go grab the rest, the Arabs will stay and suffer or leave, it’ll be ours eventually."  Everybody who "supports Israel" is supporting its ethnic cleansing/occupation/annexation/collective punishment/property destruction/house demolition … we’re close to genocide … we have Israeli politicians in the Netanyahu government, some in his own Likud Party, and in privileged positions in the Knesset, openly calling for genocide in Gaza].  …

America is violent with guns and weapons both home and abroad.  "That’s who we are," to quote the Orator in Chief Barack Obama.  Oh right, and America is VERY CHRISTIAN CULTURALLY, ALWAYS HAS BEEN.  What is the difference between a crusade and a jihad?  Ok, so now we call it "Humanitarian Intervention" and some over there still call it by the religious label.  Words are just labels for things.  George W. Bush might as well have called it the Great American [and we’re mostly Christians!] Crusade Against Evil Islamic Terror!!!  That was the level of government/media propaganda efforts to demand the American people passively accept the fact that "we" will be "torturing some folks," invading some countries, killing some children, dropping some bombs, shooting some drones, intentionally targeting some Iraqi civilians like that video of the helicopter in Iraq with U.S. Christian Crusaders, oh I mean American soldiers spreading democracy, just murdering defenseless Iraqi civilians … and we’re going to do that for decades into the 21st Century!  It’s going to be bloody and terrible just like the 20th Century and the American-made Weapons Just Keep Getting Deadlier and More Destructive!!!!!!

The United States and many of its people — oh yeah Christian and racist, that’s America too, can’t leave out the racism … America has been killing "Redskins" and "Niggers" and "Spics" and "Japs" and "Gooks" and "Towel Heads" and "Islamofascist Bastards" all its history.  But we’re a "peaceloving people."  Don’t we all just laugh when we hear a George W. Bush or a Barack Obama wax poetic almost tearfully about how much the American state and the American culture loves peace.  Can’t you tell how much we love peace!  Look at the wars abroad and the gun violence at home!  We are sooooooo peaceloving!

From the point of view of some of the victims of American or American-backed violence, like most of the people of Latin America, most of the people of the Middle East, and assorted other global beneficiaries of imposed at gun-point "American freedom," they tend to look at us as fanatical Christians using horrible violence on a global scale to promote almost mythically revered things like "Democracy," "Freedom," "Peace," "Security," "Stability," "Free Enterprise," "Free Trade," Free Market Capitalism."  We Christian Crusaders will fight to the death to remake the world in our image.  People who aren’t Americans tend to resist that.  They just can’t really get past the killing and the torture and the psychological impact of watching friends or family or just fellow countrymen/women killed or maimed.  That does have an impact.  The people tend to latch onto that rather than the rhetorical speeches American "leaders" give talking about democracy, freedom and the rest of the bull****. 

We can get more into this later, it’s time for 11-11-73 Eyes of the World after that historic Dark Star. 


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