Corruption in Lil Old Minetto…

This story starts out with a woman who for many years has manipulated people in this county and on occassion entertained them (through the school system) into thinking she was a great person. She has once again used her influence to get what she wants. Meanwhile other members of the Minetto community have to do things through proper channels and still get screwed. I guess when your family member is on the Town Board you can then "say your building a barn" and have the property tax office register it that way but you are "actually living in it" while your daughter and family are living in the house. I wanted to build a mother in law suite to attach it to the garage and was told NO!! Is Minetto Town Board really corrupted that much to look the other way because of who she is??? This woman should have been turned into the Humane Society over the years for when she raised cattle a few years ago for leaving them out in harsh winter weather with no real shelter for them but she knew how to keep them in the back from being seen. I believe she was even a member of the Oswego County Fair Association and her family showed cows there.
So I say why do we need the Minetto Town Board when this community is as corrupt as any other in this state????

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