Here we go again. This time a doctor who returned from helping Ebola patients in Africa wandered around NYC for days, riding subways, taking cabs, bowling and then tests positive for Ebola. We’ll be fortunate if he hasn’t infected others.

Will the morons in DC finally get it? I doubt it! Anyone, especially those doing humanitarian work in Ebola infested countries must be held in confinement until there is absolutely no possibility they are bringing Ebola here. Untold hundreds could have been infected on the subways by this doctor.

Estwing must be banned! A possible islamofascist terrorist attack on 4 police officers in NYC occurred today, Thursday. The terrorist ran up to the officers with and ax, which appeared to manufactured by Estwing due to his rubber handle, hitting one on the arm and the other in the back of the head. The officer hit in the head is in critical condition while the other was severely wounded.

Since Estwing manufactures so many deadly devices such as this ax along with hammers and other similar deadly devices there should be restrictions on who buys them and they should all have serial numbers and be registered with he state. NO ONE IN NYC SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A AX! WHERE WOULD THEY USE ONE? It’s not like they live out in the country where there are trees!

In other news we wind the radical feminists have entered the universe of child abuse. They have made and promoted a video selling shirts in which young girls are dressed up for a pageant and utter a lot of F-BOMBS.

Those who created this video, those who promoted this video and the parents of the little girls who were abused and exploited in this video should deb arrested and tried for child abuse.

As far as I am concerned this is an evil act taking advantage of innocent girls in a most disgusting way AND FOR PROFIT!

Finally, there are reports that the religion of peace is at it again attacking villages and forcing women and young girls into brothels or selling them as sex slaves. The is all reminiscent of the Japs forcing women all over conquered Asia to be COMFORT WOMEN! This is the real war on women and yet the feminists are producing filth that borders on child porn but most certainly is child exploitation and abuse.

Doc Bill


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