Well, a nurse in Dallas has tested positive for Ebola. So much for all that protective gear.

About a week ago the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that Ebola can be spread by sneezing. As I said in a previous post Ebola is a hemorrhagic disease in which the lungs bleed along with other organs. With blood in the lungs all it takes is a cough or sneeze to spread tiny droplets of bold and saliva to people nearby and onto surfaces where the virus can live for hours.
Barack Ebama, I hear that Obola is considered racist probably only because progressives hate having their idols so described but constantly do it to Conservatives and Republicans, has been chanting the CDC mantra that you cannot catch Ebola sitting next to someone not he bus. I have to give Ebama the benefit of the doubt here as I am quite sure he has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to diseases. Therefore he is depending upon others who are not giving him the total truth.
Speaking of Barack Ebama, He has recently stated that his larger role is to make sure that Africans, especially children and their families, are safe. According to the Constitution the job of the President is to make sure that the citizens of the US are safe and secure not the people of Africa, Europe or anywhere else. Considering his actions so far he has failed miserably at his constitutional job.
But Barack Ebama has hit one milestone though. He has played his 200th round of golf as President. Ant there are still two plus years to go so he could easily hit 300 or more. Things might be better at home and abroad if he put as much time into his daily briefings.
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