Oswego Hlth Center-what did you do with the $1Million?

  • July 26, 2017 at 1:45 PM #31670
    Ms. Annoyed

    I called on 7/13/17 to make an appt for my daughter who had a bad case of strep. We changed insurances and her doctor did not accepted UHC. I called 10 doctors in Oswego and they were not accepting any new patients and as a last resort so I thought hey i’ll call Oswego health center: a non profit organization and a Health Center Program grantee that received federal funds and grants to SERVE THE COMMUNITY. ( their vision statement “entrusted by the community to focus on the health needs of the community”)

    I was rudely told that they were not accepting any new patients with no explanation. I did some research and looked up their form 990. In 2015 they reported a net profit of $863,107. I thought you were non profit Oswego Health Center? Why are you not using this profit money to serve the community? They received an additional $305,000 to hire additional nurse practitioners at the Oswego office in addition to $1M to expand the Pulaski office. They recently expanded their walk in and weekend services for EXISTING PATIENTS only. Why did you not use the $863,107 to hire additional nurses so the community as a whole can benefit not just existing patients.

    I placed a call and left a message for Sandy for an explanation, no return call. Where is all this money being used to benefit the community. The CEO Daniel Day makes $120,192, CFO Karen Paterniti $89,443. What are you being paid for? Inefficient use of grant money? Pushing Paper? What is the board of directors doing about this? Why is upper management at a not for profit making this much money that a regular for profit company makes. Maybe some of it should go to hiring a new nurse?

    This is an abuse of fund being received by a nonprofit center BECAUSE ITS NOT SERVING THE COMMUNITY, WHICH IS WHAT THE MONEY IS INTENDED FOR. Mismanagement of funds and operations is a poor excuse and is not the community’s problem. We are the victims here.

    If you know where I can have this issue looked by the appropriate state and government levels please post here and I will be sure to follow through.

    Ms. Annoyed.

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