. I received a call on Wednesday stating that my child failed her US History regents exam by 2 points.Mind you she took the class last year and passed it with high 90’s but has failed the regents yet again for the THIRD time still just shy of those two points. I myself being the best adocate for my child spoke to the guidance office asking for someway somehow to find two points for my daughter or would suffice to graduate without a regents and get the local, at that time I was told she would NOT be able to cross the stage this coming Saturday, she would have to re-take the regent for the 4th time with refresher courses and this is to be given in August and when she passes she can cross the stage NEXT YEAR!!!! I hung up in total shock trying to consume what I had been told and asking a lot of what if’s. During this time of trying to grasp what had just been said to me I was told by a very reliable source some disturbing information. I was told that there s a student that had QUIT OHS, moved to Indiana to try at his goal in life to be a pro hockey player took all ON LINE classes during his lapse of schooling
and this individual has recently come back to Oswego and is able to Graduate with an ONLINE degree authorized by the super and a school board member!!!!! I started calling up the chain. The OHS Principa then the super of the schools. I spoke to Mr. Hartwell and voiced my knowledge to him and of my cocern of the failin of my daugter THREE times and he consoled me by saying " I had student take it 12 times" and I have no kowledge of this student you are refering to graduating with the on line degree. I moved up anoter notch an called the superintendent and emailed with NO respose. I then went a step further and went to the office of personell and spoke to Mr.Myles told him what school board member i was wishing to speak with. I gave him all of my information stated if I did not hear from the board member by 4 call him back. NO CALL, just from Mr. Myles assuring me that the idividual was e-mailed after I left. thanked Mr. Myles fordoing his part, now a parent I have to do mine. As a result my child will never be able to  even cross the stage with her classmates.

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