i rest my case

right after my closing argument: you "two" fellas have finally agreed on something. which is i should divulge my name. hells no…im just a troll making fun of "two" dork"s". you "two" call yoursel"ves" pundits. trolls are always anonymous…. and pundits are PROUD to admit who they are. im really just here to say ; until you admit who you are, theres no reason for even just one person to read your endless compositions. thats how i know absolutely no one pays attn to you "two". you have utterly nothing to worry about as far as people confronting you in real life…that is so psychotic of you to worry about. now that you say something so paranoid, i realize the source of your schizophrenic self aggrandizing and insatiable addiction to reading your own opinions on a daily website

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