Imperial America's Middle East Allies vs. ISIS

Saudi Arabia – Absolute Monarchy, oldest Islamic fundamentalist state in the world

Jordan – Hereditary Monarchy, some democratic pretense

Qatar – Absolute Monarchy (al-Thani family dictatorship)

Bahrain – Absolute Monarchy (al-Khalifa family dictatorship)

United Arab Emirates – Absolute Monarchy (federation of 7 hereditary absolute monarchies)

Democracy and Freedom baby!

United States’ violence and support for dictatorship in the Middle East since the discovery of oil 100 or so years ago has poisoned the region.  America collaborated with the most reactionary regimes and fundamentalist ideologies to destroy Arab nationalism, Arab socialism and any realistic notion of Arab democracy.  Now some of the religious extremists America and its allies created have turned on the masters.  America’s response?  Yet more violence, more killing, more imperial intervention.  And American politicians, Western politicians in England and France and so forth, have the audacity to label others "terrorists" and "evil" and "brutal" and "savage."  ISIS is a savage, terrible regime … as is America and its coalition.  Peace is the only answer.  The United States should declare peace and start supporting Middle East democracy from Palestine to the Persian Gulf … instead it’s doubling down on violent intervention and "partnership" with Arab dictators.  Blah


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