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Well, the director of the Secret Service has resigned. Only the second such act by a failed leader in the Obama administration, the other being the director of the VA. This is good but doesn’t go nearly far enough for it is obvious that there were other important failings at lower positions and those persons should also be removed.

Contrary to what progressives believe Conservatives do not want to see Obama injured or killed. On the other hand, progressives salivated over the possibility of Republican Presidents dying. They were terribly disappointed the Reagan survived his encounter with a radical leftist lunatic and wrote a lot about Bush being assassinated.
Far more must be done to insure that the current President is safe wherever he is. This is no timid to be PC about anything including hamstringing the Secret Service with rules that cause vulnerability.
The boots we have in Iraq, which apparently are NOT ON THE GROUND, may have to be put on the ground because of the advances of ISIS. ISIS is attacking the suburbs of Bagdad and undoubtedly putting American personnel, military, diplomatic and otherwise in danger.  
Iraqi Christians are terrified by the advances of ISIS as they will be murdered without hesitation as has already happened to thousands of them so far. Apparently the great pictures of buildings being blown up by bombs and missiles are empty as we have provided advanced warnings. With idiotic Iraqi pilots dropping food and munitions to ISIS, BY MISTAKE????, things aren’t going that well over there.
Ebola has entered the US! Sure, it’s only one person though dozens may have been in contact with this individual but that is not cause for lax security. We should stop all persons who have visited the infected region from entering the country and quarantine those who have recently arrived prior to this action. It is only PC crap that has prevented this action because it might have a negative impact on Africa. People’s lives are more important than any such negative impact.
We are told that EBOLA cannot be transmitted like colds and the flu though the damned little bugs can survive for days on surfaces. In other words, it is not an airborne contagion. The problem with this is that in 1989 in Reston VA, the virus mutated into an airborne form. 
Originating in a shipment of macaques from the Philippines. The disease spread to other monkeys at the quarantine facility and all of them died. Four humans tested positive for the disease but never actually got sick.
A bullet may have been dodged there but who is to say that as the virus spreads it will not mutate into an infectious, airborne variety that could spread far more rapidly than it currently does?
With lone wolf jihadis taking lives in the US the government is still reluctant to call these murders terrorism. Workplace violence, situational violence, desert violence, regional violence, overseas contingency operations and all the other PC namby-pamby terms the Obama administration uses to avoid called these actions what the really are do not fool the average person who watches, hears or read the news. OH, I made up three of these terms, two, three and four, to illustrate just how idiotic this way of referring to evil actually is.
GO REDSKINS! Red Mesa Redskins! Look them up.
Doc Bill

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