Islamofascist terror in Canada

Two new converts to the religion of peace have apparently initiated lone wolf attacks in Canada. 

The first jihadist ran over two Canadian soldiers with his car killing one and severely injuring the other this past Monday. Fortunately a police car was nearby and gave chase during which the murderer’s car overturned in a ditch and he was shot to death. This happened in Quebec.
The second jihadist attack took place today, Wednesday, in Ottawa, the nations capitol. There the second recent covert shot to death a soldier who was an honor guard at their Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. After that this murderous jihadist managed to traverse some 200 yards to the Parliament building where he was shot to death by the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Parliament during a gun battle. It appears that no other persons were shot though some were injured in the panic caused by this second event.
These jihadist attacks took place after ISIS used social media to call upon believers to make such attacks both in Canada and the US as well as Europe and after we endured the Oklahoma beheading and a serviceman and his son were attacked elsewhere.
The most recent reports indicate that these two jihadists had communicated with each other via email. Whether they attempted to coordinate their attacks or the second was inspired by the first is unknown at this time. ISIS has, of course, taken credit for these murders but we should expect them to do so even if they had no direct connection whatsoever to the violence. ISIS will take advantage of any and all violence to maximize their power and terror potential to the vulnerable, simple minds that accept this radical, murderous religion. 
The goal of ISIS is to magnify the possibility that they can be everywhere all the time and conduct such terrorist activities around the globe. Of course, they will most certainly attack "gun free zones" which in the left’s delusional thinking are safe. Such zones will only remain gun free until the jihadists attack. 
As for me, I am always prepared to respond to such violence one way or another and I do not acknowledge such zones on "private" property. Gunner Coooomo, that’s how Jesse Jackson pronounces his name and I would not want to be labeled a racist for correcting his speech, can get all the laws he wants passed but fortunately there are police authorities around the state that refuse to enforce them. All it will take is for one of us "GUN LOVERS" to take out a jihadist for the attitudes to change and considering the possibilities I have no doubt that it will happen.

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