It Figures

Peace gets all bent out of shape when the Israelis exercise a little "eminent domain" but he has no problem with Russia invading and annexing parts of Ukraine. Just as with many others soviet sycophants he twists events to make Putin look like the good guy just trying to keep the peace. 

There is no doubt that Russia interfered in Ukraine’s internal problems with its former leader who was ousted on charges of corruption. Aside from that he ignored the wishes of the people who wanted closer relations with the west, NOT RUSSIA. 
Putin has basically used the same reasoning as Hitler did in the late 30’s referring to Russian speaking people. Of course, after the many purges of the 1930’s including the "Silent Holocaust," during which some 12,000,000 Ukrainians were murdered by Stalin and his KGB and/or NKVD storm troopers, Russians moved in to take the place of the murdered Ukrainians. The same is true farther north in Baltic countries. 
Russia has invaded a sovereign nation without cause and is not only occupying, annexing and controlling a significant section of that country but is supporting the criminals fighting the legitimate government. Russia has provided arms, ammunition and heavy weapons to these criminals as well as launching attacks from Russian territory directly into Ukrainian territory in violation of international laws. 
Obama is reneging on the US obligation to protect Ukraine and the Brits (oops, an ethnic slur there) are floundering too based upon the Budapest Memoranda. Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons with the guarantee by the US, Britain and Russia agreed to protect Ukraine from aggression. Russia is directly violating this agreement to protect Ukraine from aggression by being the aggressor. 
Peace’s manic contention that Russia is not the aggressor in this situation flies in the face of reality and the facts. Russia is also looking at the Baltic nations it once controlled and may start flexing its muscles there if the US and Britain don’t provide Ukraine with the wherewithal to defend its sovereign territory.
China is also looking to take territory in the Pacific now that Obama has so weakened the US and the nut cases in N. Korea will also try to take over the South if they see an opening. But, I have no doubt that Peace believes Obama when he says that the world is safer today than when he took office. Only a brain dead sycophant could possible believe that fantasy.
Doc Bill

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