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 More Peace!

CommunityAnonymous writes "I'm glad the Doc/Peace rhetorical war has softened somewhat in recent posts.  After all, Peace is what we're all after.

Just a few simple remarks in response to some of Doc's assertions in his "Re: Peace" post.  First, it isn't only Hezbollah, Hamas and "terror groups" arguing Israel is occupying Arab land.  The United Nations and all governments in the world, even official Washington, have the same opinion.  Israel is occupying the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.  At the UN, in the language of the International Court of Justice, the world's highest judicial authority, those territories are referred to as Occupied Palestinian Territories.  Israel acquired the territories in the 1967 war.  All the UN resolutions refer to the illegality and illegitimacy of acquiring territory through war.  Israel also illegally occupies the Syrian Golan Heights and the Shebaa Farms in Lebanon.  So Israel is occupying Arab land - nobody disputes that.  Now, to the question of whether Hamas, etc. consider Israel proper to be occupied Palestinian land.  Of course they do.  And they do have a compelling historical argument.  But it doesn't matter.  Israel exists, it is a recognized state at the United Nations and therefore has all the rights accorded any state in the international system [Israel doesn't have any declared borders which is unusual but the world considers Israel to exist within its pre-June 1967 borders].  To hit Doc with another analogy he won't respond to, the Israeli government is comprised of political parties, including Netanyahu's own Likud Party - the most popular Israeli political party, which consider all of Israel and all of the Occupied Palestinian Territories to be the Land of Israel.  So Hamas considers all of Palestine to be Palestinian and Likud and Netanyahu's other right-wing coalition partners consider all of Palestine to be the Land of Israel.  So I ask you, why is Hamas singled out for rejecting the legitimacy of Israel when the leading Israeli parties do not recognize the legitimacy of a Palestinian state and are actively building settlements, annexing territory, and using US protection to carry out the actual wiping of Palestine and its people off the map?

Now if we're going to be serious, the Palestinian Authority accepts a 2-state settlement, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (50-some Muslim nations including Iran) accepts a 2-state settlement, the UN General Assembly votes overwhelmingly every year in support of a 2-state settlement, Hamas has indicated if the Palestinian Authority negotiates a 2-state settlement and a majority of Palestinians support it they will accept a 2-state settlement, Hezbollah has stated if the Palestinians accept a 2-state settlement they will accept it, all the Arab states have offered full recognition of Israel and normalized relations if Israel withdrew from all occupied Arab territories and agreed to a 2-state settlement, and I support a 2-state settlement.  The two countries blocking a 2-state settlement are the United States and Israel.  Israel refuses to give up the territories it illegally occupies, settles and annexes.  So no peace.  [And I was totally serious when I wrote it was cool if a Palestinian flag was flying at the Brooklyn Bridge - I'm in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and I don't apologize for it.]

As far as Doc's continued assertions that progressives and I support the establishment of an all-powerful government controlling every aspect of people's lives - that just simply isn't true.  I support a small-d democratic government.  I want a government and progressives want a government that functions democratically and performs for the people of the country.  Progressives and I argue that the present government is not democratic.  The present government is corporate.  It is bought by huge corporations, large financial institutions and all sorts of private capitalist concerns.  Members of Congress are bought, presidents raise billions of dollars from corporate institutions to fund their campaigns and government is run of, by and for the corporations.  Progressives would like the corporate state replaced with a democratic state ... and we're baffled that the rest of the citizens, the so-called conservatives, do not want a democratic government.  We can't comprehend why Doc Bill and Republicans generally want oil companies, military-industry, Wall Street and other concentrations of wealth, power and privilege to run the government for their own benefit against the interests of the people of America and the world.

And I'm not going to apologize for the length of my recent posts.  Doc is pretty prolific and sometimes words are necessary.  But as I said at the outset I'm glad to see Doc finally acknowledging some of America's past crimes.  If he's a religious fellow and I'm not that shouldn't be all that divisive.  I'm highlighting America's Christianity and violence to try and show Americans that we should be more self-critical and see ourselves as part of a human race that isn't all that different in its devotion to violence and fanaticism.  Vilifying Muslims is just a recipe for perpetual war ... do conservatives really want that?  We should be humble, we should recognize our own responsibility for fueling the conflict and we should take steps towards peace, love and understanding.  Thank you.


Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, August 26 @ 05:18:34 EDT (34 reads)
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 RE: Peace

StuffAnonymous writes "WOW!!!!!

Maybe I shouldn't say anything Peace can agree with as it seems to have set him off. His post of today, 24 August, is little more than a diatribe of religion hating propaganda with such convoluted analogies that I will not even try to dissect it. I think it would be better for all of us if he continues to disagree with me as the reverse apparently sends him into a frenzy. And you progressives think I write long posts?

The problem with Peace is that he becomes unhinged when I do not constantly refer to the bad things that the US has done over the years. I have agreed with him that many of the country's actions were horrendous and should never be repeated. I especially pointed out the country's horrible treatment of Indians. With the reservation system, the schools that attempted to destroy the Indian's heritage and the absolutely horrendous treatment they received under the BIA. We should never want to be subjected to such treatment at any time.

Unfortunately for Peace this system which so mistreated the Indians is just they type of system he supports for everyone. Having the government run your lives as they did for the Indians is an atrocity that none should stand for. But, Peace's indignation over how the government treated the Indians does not relate in any way to how the government will treat every citizen once it has total control over our lives as it had over the Indians on the reservations.

This is where there is a tremendous disconnect in Peace's thinking to which he is completely blind. All of the negative things he posts about the US doing will probably come to pass once the government has the control over our lives that Peace and other progressives long to see. OH, there may not be as much violence, the militarization of local police might prove me wrong, but just as many people will probably die from lack of services for one reason or another. Whether they are denied medical treatment because of age of other factors or from general neglect from a uncaring political bureaucracy makes no difference. Peace is totally incapable of seeing the connections.

As for the palestinian flag on the Brooklyn Bridge being "cool" as he says, Peace's sick attempt at humor is appalling. Maybe you didn't see it but there was at least one person in Ferguson holding an ISIS sign saying they're here! I do not find any of that to be cool in any way. It should cause one's blood to go damned cold!

Peace supports hamas, hezbollah and the rest of the muslim terrorist groups in their contention that Israel is illegally occupying palestinian land. I'm not sure if he fully understands the palestinian position or not. Maybe Peace is just thinking of the West Bank, maybe not. In any event, the palestinians believe that all of the land that constitutes Israel is really palestinian land illegally occupied by Israel. I tend to think that Peace is in full agreement with the palestinian view that all of Israel is really palestinian land and all of Israel must go. Therefore, Peace agrees with the palestinian view that Israel must be destroyed and erased from the maps and memory. Whether or not Peace agrees that all Jews should be murdered is another point for him to live with.

It is a fact that thousands of ISIS fighters hold American, Canadian, British and other European country passports. Assuming that they are not killed fighting in the Middle East they will eventually return to their respective countries. Considering that many of these people will not require visas to enter the US they could easily regroup into terrorist cells. While we may not see the organized massive attacks that happen over there we could very easily see small group attack at soft targets such as schools, malls and anywhere they view as the best target for maximum effect - that is deaths. We already find one terrorist has been arrested for some murders. Even though he says they're in retaliation for our actions against muslims he'll probably not be labeled a terrorist under this administration just4 as the Fort Hood terrorist isn't one to them.

Ignoring this possibility is foolish. I'll get back to this and some other Peace rantings in another post.

One final point. It seems that our gubnor, Cuomo, has a credibility problem. He establishes a committee to investigate ethics but hastily disbands it when it starts looking into his actions. What has Cuomo got to hide?? 
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, August 25 @ 06:14:32 EDT (24 reads)
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 Christian Bastards, If You Will

CommunityAnonymous writes "The United States military is an organization of paid killers.  For most of its history, maybe all of its history, American soldiers, Christian soldiers, the deep Christian faith of American politicians and military personnel,  White Christian Terror organizations like the KKK [I apologize to all the black members of the KKK], the deep religious conviction of damn near everyone ... I didn't feel like finishing that sentence - thoughts are conveyed, f*** grammar.  All the Christian fanaticism in the U.S. Air Force for example - mass killing and mass Christianity ... but the Muslims! the Muslims are ... kinda the same as us ... ya know human and violent and "faithful" to a Middle Eastern monotheistic religion [although some Muslims and others look at Christianity as sort of polytheistic with the whole Trinity thing and the worship of saints and stuff ... the whole Jesus was the Son of God thing seems kinda weird to Muslims who believe their Prophet Muhammad was a human being and nothing more.  But they both suck.  Christianity should wither away as should Islam.  Religious belief is incompatible with rational thought no matter the specifics of the religion. 

Words like "Jihad" and all that Islamophobic horse****:  they are violent killers, Americans are violent killers.  For the past hundred years the United States achieved hegemony over the people of planet Earth and has employed an overtly Christian rhetoric to justify and rationalize and bend the public mind into accepting non-stop warring, bombing, invading, occupying, torturing ... we call this activity "democratizing" or "spreading democracy" or "liberating tyrannies" or "defending ourselves" or "promoting freedom and democracy" ... the rest of the world just sees it as brutally aggressive violence.  They're more convinced by the pictures of bloodied and dismembered dead people, mostly civilians, wherever the Muslim population happens to be that is enduring either direct US attack or some US-backed state's attack like Israel or Egypt or the various dictatorships and their "security forces" which have been busy keeping the Arab populations of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq under Saddam (whom the U.S. supported from 1968-1990 and tacitly after by strangling the Iraqi civilian population with "genocidal" U.N. sanctions according to two white Western gentlemen who directed the most brutal sanctions regime in human history because Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright "thought the price was worth it." [what's a few hundred thousand dead Iraqi children?  We're "containing Saddam!"] ... and so on and so forth ... keeping those Arab populations decidedly unfree and undemocratic.

The Domestic Culture?  Gun-crazed lunatics whose first instinct is to shout "My 2nd Amendment Rights come from the Greatest Constitution Ever written by the slaveowners, lawyers, bankers, militarists and imperialists inspired by Jesus Himself who Founded America thereby prolonging Slavery of Blacks and Genocide of Indians!"  George Washington never told a lie and all that bull****.  Carlin did a skit on that, American Bull****.  Anyway, the point I'm making, whenever a bunch of kids at school are shot dead because somebody was just taking advantage of his 1791-written 2nd Amendment "right to bear arms," even if it means the proper political response is to do nothing when these gun massacres of innocent American civilians, including children, take place repeatedly, the first reaction of much of the American population is to instantly forget about the dead children and get on with the important business of making sure people have guns easily, as many as they want, whatever kind they want, for any reason because it is their Christian-God Given American Right to have them.  We applaud when other societies slaughter defenseless children -  just take a look at the U.S. Congress' reaction to Israel's devastation of Gaza (3rd time in 6 years Israel has massacred men, women and children, bombed hospitals, bombed schools, destroyed thousands of family homes, bombed United Nations facilities, just commits the most horrible atrocities against a population that can do nothing but fire primitive projectiles [dramatically termed "rockets" by the corporate state and the corporate media] which might injure a couple people a month and occasionally kill 1 person once in a great while.  Meanwhile Israel is reducing entire Palestinian neighborhoods, towns even, to complete rubble ... this is what "Israel" has been doing to Palestinian Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Palestinians as a nation of people deprived of their right to self-determination in their historic homeland ... Israel has been using superior Western-supplied military equipment and weapons to systematically cleanse what they call the Land of Israel of its Palestinian inhabitants.  Right up to the present, the United States role is to block Israel from any international sanction or punishment of its clearly criminal activity in violation of the Geneva Conventions, international humanitarian law, international human rights law, U.N. Security Council Resolutions.  The United States, while allowing Israel to massacre innocents with complete impunity, simultaneously supplies much of the weaponry and cash for the Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Project.  The project got underway in earnest in 1947-48 when "Israel" evicted 700,000 Palestinians and destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages with its regular army the Haganah and two terrorist organizations [the Stern Gang and the Irgun] led by future Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir.  Since its 1967 occupation of the rest of Palestine left to the Palestinians [the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem are 22% of Palestine meaning Israel Without The Settlements is already 78% of the land ... this in a country that was 90-95% Arab in the first decades of the 20th Century ... by 1948 "Israel" had taken about 50 years to conquer 78% of the place ... by 1967, the Israeli leadership was like "let's go grab the rest, the Arabs will stay and suffer or leave, it'll be ours eventually."  Everybody who "supports Israel" is supporting its ethnic cleansing/occupation/annexation/collective punishment/property destruction/house demolition ... we're close to genocide ... we have Israeli politicians in the Netanyahu government, some in his own Likud Party, and in privileged positions in the Knesset, openly calling for genocide in Gaza].  ...

America is violent with guns and weapons both home and abroad.  "That's who we are," to quote the Orator in Chief Barack Obama.  Oh right, and America is VERY CHRISTIAN CULTURALLY, ALWAYS HAS BEEN.  What is the difference between a crusade and a jihad?  Ok, so now we call it "Humanitarian Intervention" and some over there still call it by the religious label.  Words are just labels for things.  George W. Bush might as well have called it the Great American [and we're mostly Christians!] Crusade Against Evil Islamic Terror!!!  That was the level of government/media propaganda efforts to demand the American people passively accept the fact that "we" will be "torturing some folks," invading some countries, killing some children, dropping some bombs, shooting some drones, intentionally targeting some Iraqi civilians like that video of the helicopter in Iraq with U.S. Christian Crusaders, oh I mean American soldiers spreading democracy, just murdering defenseless Iraqi civilians ... and we're going to do that for decades into the 21st Century!  It's going to be bloody and terrible just like the 20th Century and the American-made Weapons Just Keep Getting Deadlier and More Destructive!!!!!!

The United States and many of its people --- oh yeah Christian and racist, that's America too, can't leave out the racism ... America has been killing "Redskins" and "Niggers" and "Spics" and "Japs" and "Gooks" and "Towel Heads" and "Islamofascist Bastards" all its history.  But we're a "peaceloving people."  Don't we all just laugh when we hear a George W. Bush or a Barack Obama wax poetic almost tearfully about how much the American state and the American culture loves peace.  Can't you tell how much we love peace!  Look at the wars abroad and the gun violence at home!  We are sooooooo peaceloving!

From the point of view of some of the victims of American or American-backed violence, like most of the people of Latin America, most of the people of the Middle East, and assorted other global beneficiaries of imposed at gun-point "American freedom," they tend to look at us as fanatical Christians using horrible violence on a global scale to promote almost mythically revered things like "Democracy," "Freedom," "Peace," "Security," "Stability," "Free Enterprise," "Free Trade," Free Market Capitalism."  We Christian Crusaders will fight to the death to remake the world in our image.  People who aren't Americans tend to resist that.  They just can't really get past the killing and the torture and the psychological impact of watching friends or family or just fellow countrymen/women killed or maimed.  That does have an impact.  The people tend to latch onto that rather than the rhetorical speeches American "leaders" give talking about democracy, freedom and the rest of the bull****. 

We can get more into this later, it's time for 11-11-73 Eyes of the World after that historic Dark Star. 


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, August 24 @ 04:17:40 EDT (38 reads)
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 more stuff

StuffAnonymous writes "NazIsrael ... now that says it all"

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 23 @ 05:45:29 EDT (32 reads)
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 Torturing some folks, Beheading some folks, invasions, occupations and terror

CommunityAnonymous writes "To the author asking me to apologize to black police officers I'm going to need a bit more from you on why exactly I should do that? 

It was refreshing to read a post from Doc Bill which actually included some historical perspective, some acknowledgement of Christianity's "dark past" and Islam's past achievements.  I do have to disagree, however, with his basic position that Christianity=good and Islam=bad is more or less 100% true in this day and age.  See, most Americans, especially conservative Americans, are so eager to either ignore or justify American imperial violence [which is, after all, carried out predominantly by Christian politicians, Christian soldiers and a mostly Christian culture] that such sentiments are actually believed and respected.  Obviously the beheading of Foley is a horrific atrocity and is rightly condemned.  But let's not forget which society is still responsible for most of the violence, including violence against civilians.  If Americans actually saw what a U.S. drone does to human beings attending a wedding in Yemen for example they might not be so quick with the Christianity=good, Islam=bad conclusions.  U.S. terror in the form of drones and huge operations like the invasion of Iraq which set all of this horror in motion and included the "torturing of some folks" as the Christian George W. Bush ordered and the Christian Barack Obama so cavalierly acknowledged, is so much larger in scale and human victims than the Islamist terror that we are rightly appalled by.  Would it be appropriate for some ISIS official to announce "we beheaded some folks"?  Obviously beheading is terrible, but the Saudi state does it as a form of corporal punishment ... and the United States is closely allied to the Islamic fundamentalist Saudi absolute monarchy providing it with tens of billions of dollars in military equipment and doing business with it in the oil sector for decades.  Do Saudi state beheadings instill outrage and loud condemnation from the same American officials and citizens so eager to single out ISIS?  [And again, I'm not in anyway justifying, supporting, mitigating ISIS' crimes ... but if we're going to be serious, if we're going to be intellectually consistent, we have to explore the broader context within which ISIS is operating].

The fact is that the United States has done so much more violence against Muslim civilians than Muslim terror groups have done against American or Western European civilians.  The U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. drone campaign in Yemen, Pakistan, and throughout the region, the U.S. arming of Israel to massacre Palestinians, and on and on and on.  Americans have this peculiar propensity to ignore the larger historical and contemporary context and only focus on the violence "they" do against "us."  How does that do anything but ensure a perpetual cycle of violence?  Shouldn't we be trying to find solutions, peaceful solutions to these global problems? 

As far as the Palestinian flag being flown on the Brooklyn Bridge that's cool, an act of solidarity with the victims of injustice, I liken it to antiwar demonstrators in the 1960's flying the flag of the National Liberation Front in solidarity with the Vietnamese.  The struggle for Palestinian rights is global and it's a nice thing to see solidarity with the Palestinian cause in New York City [I lived there for 2 years, there's plenty of demonstrations in support of Israel and Israeli flags there too].  It's wrong for Benjamin Netanyahu and Doc Bill to try to blur the distinction between the righteous struggle of the Palestinians for human and political rights with groups like ISIS.  Remember, a sizeable minority of Palestinians are Christians or secular.  Just like not all Americans are Republican evangelicals, not all Palestinians are Hamas.  After the Cold War and the US policy to obliterate progressive Muslim organizations, socialist Muslim organizations, secular Muslim organizations, it is an unfortunate historical development that much of the Muslim resistance to Western imperial domination, to Arab dictatorships, to Israeli occupation takes the form of religious zealotry.  But there are non-violent forms of Palestinian civil disobedience and other movements in predominantly Islamic countries that just are not widely reported in the American corporate media, the sources from which most Americans get their so-called information.   
Again, Doc just throws around these labels like "Islamofascist" with such a broad stroke.  Where did Hamas come from?  Israel occupied the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem from 1967-1987 with no Hamas.  Hamas organized only in 1987 during the first Intifada and was supported by Israel as a counterweight to the secular nationalist PLO.  All the same rhetoric Israel applies now to Hamas was applied to the PLO then.  If it isn't clear that Israel simply doesn't want a Palestinian state, that Israel wants the West Bank, wants the whole of Jerusalem, wants to keep Gaza imprisoned then you're just not being honest.  What about Hezbollah?  Hezbollah formed in 1982 as a response to the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon.  Hezbollah is a Lebanese organization representing the Shiites who suffered under Israeli occupation from 1982-2006.  If Israel would simply be reasonable with the Palestinians and the rest of the region, accept the basic terms of the 2002 Saudi Peace Initiative and the 2-state settlement the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly votes for every year, exchange the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem for peaceful relations with all the Arab states and Iran, agree to compensate the Palestinian refugees, then we could move towards demilitarization and reduced tensions and peace in the Middle East.  But Israel and the United States have to make that choice, have to give up the Greater Israel settlement agenda and give up U.S. domination of that part of the world.  A lot of this is on us.  If we don't change then we're only going to know war, terror, and never-ending violence.



Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 23 @ 05:45:14 EDT (18 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "NazISIS......i think that says it all.

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 22 @ 08:15:09 EDT (22 reads)
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 Christianity v Islam

GovernmentAnonymous writes "First I would like to commend those muslims who have voiced their concern over and condemnation of ISIS. It is about time we hear from those who refer to themselves as moderates. However, there are still far too many who remain silent.

In a previous post, 13 August, Peace claims that I see that muslim=bad and Christian=good. Considering what is going on in the world today this isn't too far from being 100% true. I am not giving the way Christianity was forced upon people in the past millennium a pass for their ferocity by any means.

Christ's mandate to his Apostles was to go out and preach the truth. There was no mandate to force people to believe, that was up to each individual to accept of not. Unfortunately, zealots eventually went far beyond what was required. I suppose we could go back to Constantine and his vision of The Cross. Constantine went from a pagan to Christian literally overnight and just as the Pagan Roman Empire persecuted Christians it now persecuted those who were not Christian. Such zealotry is to be condemned no matter where it is found.

Anyway, there is no doubt that the history of persecution BY CHRISTIANS, from Constantine to the Inquisition an beyond, is also to be condemned for its brutality and inhumanity. That fallible humans have misinterpreted the teachings of Christ does not constitute a mark against what Christ stood for. Christianity is a religion of peace - "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Those who have not lived by this commandment form Christ himself are the evil ones not Christ or the religion founded on his teachings.

With islam there is a difference. First and foremost there is no combining the two as some are trying to do with the development of "Chrislam." Why? Simply because islam does not recognize Christ as the Son of God! That alone is sufficient to keep the two separated. Besides that, according to muslim interpretation of their prophets writings those chapters which come later in the koran hold precedence over the former ones. While some of the former passages speak about "people of the book," that book being the Bible and the people are the Jews and Christians, being believers later passages call for the murder of Jews and Christians who refuse to convert to islam. 

It appears that these are the passages which radical, islamofascist groups such as ISIS, hamas, hezbolla and others use for their justification to eliminate Israel, the Jews, the Christians and all others who refuse to convert.

Christianity's dark past must never be forgotten so we never repeat it and islam's current dark record must also not be forgotten for the same reason. If muslims can bring their religion to the 21st century and reject all those parts of the koran that call for the conquering and conversion of the whole world then their beliefs will be acceptable to the world. There is much good that muslims did in the past. They were the source for much learning while Europeans lived in squaller and ignorance. But, now it seems that muslims live in that same squaller and ignorance while the world has passed them by on all other fronts.

It is up to them to change the image of their beliefs and religion, not us. Until they do so those who are constantly on the attack will be the standard bearers for their beliefs and the vast majority of people on this planet will have no regard for them.

Finally, to the irrational moron who denigrates my comments about ISIS wanting to fly their flag over the White House, just remember that Chuck Hagel recently said that Isis is "beyond anything we've seen." The palestinian flag was recently hoisted atop the Brooklyn Bridge. Texas Representative Ted Poe believes that ISIS and the Mexican drug cartels are communicating and considering the porous nature of the southern border ISIS operatives would have little difficulty sneaking into the country. Texas Governor Perry warns that they may already be here!

Considering that the islamofascist bastard who murdered Foley had a British accent and an American already blew himself up over there and that far too many mosques ion America spout the islamofascist doctrine we must not be blind to the threats of such a group. They are far more capable of doing everything the say while most leaders agree that they already are far stronger and better situated to accomplish their terrorist agenda than al-quaeda was 13 years ago.

So, you can keep your head in the sand believing that they are the JV but the reality of the situation is just the opposite.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 22 @ 08:15:01 EDT (28 reads)
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 Wow, angry irrational Oswegonians

CommunityAnonymous writes "It's fascinating to read these people attempt ... what? humor? irony? criticism?  Yesterday we get two incredibly silly posts "peace the racist" and "ISIS" caricaturing me based on ...?  Yeah, I'm a racist ye who writes "this is a country ruled by white men, always has been and always will be, thank god for that."  Not only do we get white supremacy from this dizzying intellect but a little misogyny as well.  Was your labelling me a "racist" meant as a joke?  It's probably not the wisest thing to submit a racist post while trying to accuse somebody else of racism, especially when your accusation is self-evidently preposterous.  Congratulations for having no compassion whatsoever for the suffering of black people in America for the past 400 years.  You probably call yourself a Christian also given the obvious conservative tone of your trashy post.  Furthermore you "know" I have taken the side of ISIS.  How exactly do you know that?  Was it from the post where I denounced ISIS?  No you see it is possible to vehemently oppose U.S. imperial action in the Middle East since the 1940's while simultaneously opposing brutal, heinous, horrible organizations like ISIS.  I support democracy in the Middle East and everywhere else, freedom for the people, freedom from foreign domination and freedom from domestic tyranny (e.g. ISIS, the Saudi royal family, the Egyptian military dictatorship, the Jordanian monarchy and so on ... you'll notice that aside from ISIS, the others I mentioned are close U.S. friends and allies).

And just a note on race, racism, etc.  I struggle to understand what the author means by calling me a racist?  Apparently he doesn't know that racism entails an historical component of domination or supremacy.  White people in America can be racist, black people cannot.  There is no historical relationship of black people dominating white people in the United States so the term 'racism' does not apply.  There might be black people who viscerally don't like white people because of historical experience and resentment but 'racism' would not be the word/term/idea to apply to that circ-umstance. 

As far as the other post whose tone seems vaguely familiar again I wonder where this idea came from that I would somehow approve of a heinous inhuman act like the beheading of a journalist?  What white mob has been killing blacks?  Really?  I don't know have you ever heard of slavery?  Lynching?  The Ku Klux Klan?  Police brutality?  You ever hear of those things as historical and contemporary features of American society and the experience of African Americans within that society?  I was making a comparison between the obvious forms of domestic terrorism from whites against blacks through the past centuries (slavery, KKK, etc.) and the more subtle form by which armed whites continue to terrorize and kill black people, usually black men (e.g. the white police officer killing the unarmed black kid in Ferguson, Missouri).  But I guess my commentary really gets under the white skin of people like the "peace the racist" and "ISIS" authors.  Why don't I mention blacks killing blacks?  What relevance does it have?  Did African elites participate in the slave trade?  Yes.  Does that somehow exonerate white people from their participation in the trade?  The Middle Passage?  The brutality of American slavery?  The whippings, hangings, burnings, torture of black people?  Centuries of racism, white supremacy, discrimination, mass incarceration, the criminalization of black life in America?

As far as blacks "committing the vast majority of crimes in America," first of all it isn't true, second of all which dominant groups decide what the crimes are and where the police and prosecutorial resources go in combating certain types of crime?  You realize the land of the free, home of the brave imprisons more of its citizens than any other society in the history of the world?  You realize that people of color since the formal end of slavery and Jim Crow have been imprisoned en masse?  You realize that the police might focus a bit more on the activities of blacks and other minorities (and economically disadvantaged groups in general) than say white-collar crime, corporate crime, Wall Street crime, American state crimes and so forth. 

I thank the "peace the racist" author for promising not to submit anymore racist and stupid comments.  Apparently one poorly thought out paragraph is all he/she could muster from that fascinating mind of his/hers.  Cheers everyone!


Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 22 @ 08:14:51 EDT (29 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "I think you should apologize to all of the black police officers, unless you believe there is no such thing.

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 22 @ 08:14:31 EDT (25 reads)
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 Oh, So I'm Here to Amuse You ...

CommunityAnonymous writes "Funny how?

Professor Peace

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, August 21 @ 06:39:29 EDT (38 reads)
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 peace the racist

StuffAnonymous writes "Yeah, never mind the fact that neither peace or any of those he follows ever say a single thing about blacks killing blacks. Its ok as far as he is concerned, only when its white on black is it an issue. Of course he hates the police, until he needs them, then its a different story. Never mind that it was blacks who sold their "brothers" into slavery, that its blacks who commit the vast majority of crimes in this country (their excuse is that they are poor, too bad). He is correct that this is a country ruled by white men, always has been and always will be, thank god for that. I also know he has taken the side of ISIS, he feels they are justified and righteous and only wishes he could afford the plane ticket to Syria. Thats it for me as far as Peace the fool is concerned, no more comments from me, he's an idiot and not worth the time.

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, August 21 @ 06:39:19 EDT (21 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "I bet 'ol peace was creamin' his jeans when he heard about the American being beheaded by the ISIS (Islamic) skum. What color are they peace, white? Speaking of color, what white mob has been killing blacks? Fill us all in on that would ya? Oh I see, thats what you wish was happening, not what really is, I get it, you just make it up as you go to match your view of things. Kind of like...a fantasy...a dream(wet in your case)...a vision...a prophesy...a wish.

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Anonymous writes "doc jill let me know when that black is flying over the white house you irrational moron."

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 Another Synthetic seller gets major prison-time

Anonymous writes "http://news.yahoo.com/synthetic-drug-seller-gets-17-years-prison-220656003.html

"City officials considered The Last Place on Earth to be blight on downtown Duluth. Scruffy customers would form long lines out the door. Hospital emergency rooms handled countless cases of people suffering ill effects from the drugs, such as paranoia, agitation, seizures and racing heartbeats. Police said one customer pulled out some of his teeth and another gouged his eye with a fork."

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 Darkness Falls and Seasons Change

GovernmentAnonymous writes ""We'll see summer come again!"

Obama was an important symbol historically, the power structure didn't let him do very much, he was clearly in over his head, or Democrats really are just actors playing a role, they provide a slightly more palatable rhetoric as they bomb and help the rich get richer relative to the rest of the society. 

May there be justice in Ferguson, Missouri [as white mobs continue to murder black males as they've done all through American history.  A police force of mostly whites basically occupying Black American neighborhoods throughout America terrorizing black people ... and militarized now!  Yay!  I love violent white men with guns and badges running around my community!  Makes me feel so safe!  As they fire weapons which violate the Chemical Weapons Convention because "tear gas" is outlawed in war.  But it's okay if you're dispersing peaceful protesters in the streets of America.]

... and other such speeches Obama didn't give. 


P.S.  A "police force" and all the propagandistic treatment of police forces in our society ... akin to our sickening glorification of all things "military."  These people are psychotic white men and anyone else they can hire to run around with guns being violent and authoritarian with people.  Imperialism abroad and police repression at home.  America is a very aggressive nation ... and a police force is still just a mob of gun-toting white guys paid to violently protect the property and power structure in U.S. society Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, Inc.


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Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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