Oswego Lion's Pro-Gay Orientation

Anonymous writes "I am a gay women in a partnership, who most certainly believes in God and in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior!You are in NO position to judge people  as you have know clue what others beliefs are,or what is in there hearts for God, or what acts of kindness they have done in there life to keep them close to God!there is nothing in the ten commandments that say’s anything about being gay. I always thought the ten commandments are what we are supposed to live by… shame on you for judging!!!!you have know right!!!! THAT’S God’s job!"

I am glad you believe in Jesus and God.  However, the teachings on relationships aren’t exclusive to the Ten Commandments.  If that were true, we wouldn’t have the Bible.  But is it profitable for me to refer you to the Bible?  After all, even non-gays gloss over or deflect scripture prohibiting same-sex relationships…

Not saying you don’t perform acts of kindness, etc.  But we have to strive to incorporate ALL of the Bible into our lives, not just the parts we’re comfortable with.  Otherwise, we are nothing more than "cafeteria Catholics, Protestants, etc."  We pick and choose what we want.

It is easy to deflect accountability to God.  But I believe there is/should be accountability here on earth.  For example, my voting against gay marriage (excuse me – – it was never up for a vote—Cuomo pushed it through himself) is not judging; rather, it is merely a reflection of God’s will for humanity.


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