Paranoids "gun" and the Team!!!

I know it’s hard to believe there is more then one person out there that has some common sense.  Unlike you dumass , Doc has some very good info and an opinion backed up by facts, you on the other hand only have your opinion…..  Which freedom of speech grants you.  I don’t fault you for that but you never present any counter argument so your opinion becomes null and void along with just bing dumb…. As to me leaving, well I actual looked to see where I could cancel my account but did not see it…. I am glad I didn’t because the current climate in the USA is quickly deteriorating into the abyss so I will, when I see the opportunity, present some facts, and backed up opinion on the issues post them.  So sit back and learn, I know you do learn even though you fight it with everything you have…..   I wish the comments worked on the site, it would be so much easier to respond in a timely manner to you fools out there.  But it is what it is.  To the owner of this site if it’s a matter of money that keeps you from updating the PHP Nuke let me know, I may be able to help!  Final note, I am a responsible gun owner and do keep my gun in my pants where it is ready for what ever situation may present it self, because if just one of these people where these tragic events have happened were armed there would of been less causalities but because of idiots like you who voted for gun free zones and more and more restrictive gun laws innocents have to die, that blood is on you and your like…… dumb asses…..

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