Peace Under Assault

I wish the person who wrote "Peace and his young friend" would sign a name so I can know which "conservative" I’m responding to.  Doc Bill loves to submit unsigned posts so he can then agree with himself.  He obviously wrote the unsigned post about putting words in mouths in order to pontificate about the Straw Man which he himself is guilty of by constantly arguing with his warped idea of progressivism (I’m not the only one on this board who wishes Doc Bill would put something else in his mouth).  I try to be as specific as I can and thorough in responding to the written statements and arguments of the conservative faction here … I extrapolate logically from those stated positions to draw conclusions and get to the root of what conservative nonsense really boils down to. 

Now, just for the record, I am not Ed from Lion.  I dig some of his stuff but he’s obviously intensely concerned with the minutiae of local Oswego stuff which, while fascinating, does seem a bit parochial in its scope.  I like to think of Oswego as part of the larger world and I try to write accordingly.

I would like the author of me and my friend to quote me when he/she makes allegations that I "lashed out."  Pointing out the fact that conservative Americans are stupid seems to me to be a logical, obvious, measured conclusion based on the available evidence which I discuss at length in earlier posts.  Conservatives, I suppose, don’t like it when people point out how stupid they are but that doesn’t change the fact that they are in fact stupid.  My apologies if your stupidity upsets you.

Speaking of your stupidity, or ignorance if you prefer, apparently you don’t know what the word ‘wane’ means.  Waning for childhood trips to the fort might be pathetic, I’m not sure how but let’s give you the benefit of the doubt, but actually writing that someone "wanes" for childhood anything is certifiably pathetic.  And then the fact that the fort is a military installation?  Yes, it was used for that purpose in the past, now thankfully it has a more peaceful orientation … it’s a nice place to drive through … if you could drive through it … if those *****ing stones weren’t in the way.  DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have no friends and can’t drive through the fort like we used to!!!!!!!  Life isn’t fair!!!!!!!!


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