Again, Peace’s true colors shine through. Comrade, lol, what a joke. Do you actually think you could make it in a Communist country, or a Socialist country. They dont put up with over educated under performing fools like you. You wouldn’t make it, working for the better of the people because you would actually have to work. You know, manual labor, using your mind and body to actually accomplish things for the better of the people? You have no idea how the real world works, you spout off on here about socialism but are not a true Socialist because you put people into categories, you group people based on your opinions, and that my wannabe rebel, is not what its (Socialism) is about. You are all supposed to be equal, so how could someone like you, who is obviously so "smart", be equal to anyone? The world you dream of would beat the $hit out of you and spit on your degrees. Keep posting though, its really really comical. Oh, and don’t feel bad, I’m probably one of the few people on this site that actually read your dribble though I do wish it was in print so I could wipe my a$$ with it. 😉

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