Re: Peace

"Foul language."  I don’t recognize the concept.  I think words like f*** and f***ing are irreplaceable English-language words which convey meaning and emphasis no other words quite can.  So f*** you on that.

"Too smart to work for anyone."  Wrong again.  I oppose the notion of working for someone on philosophical grounds.  It has nothing to do with me or my level of intelligence.  I don’t think any human being should subject themselves to domination by an employer regardless of how smart or stupid that human being happens to be.  Like many conservative-thinking Americans, you apparently accept the view that people who grovel like slaves to perform some function for corporate owners on a daily basis are somehow more useful to society than those who resist domination by such authority.  I have the opposite view. 

On the "corporate welfare" and hypocrisy claim:  There’s nothing hypocritical about my thought on this.  Since corporations and the rich largely determine government policy and shape it to benefit themselves, why is it wrong for a regular citizen to use government programs won through popular struggle?  Why should welfare only benefit the rich?  And why do working Americans have such contempt for people who use government programs?  Since we live under an economic system which concentrates wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands over time, citizens unable or unwilling to become slaves in that system are only exercising their rights if they use food stamp or other government programs which start to address the inequality and injustice inherent in the modern corporate capitalist system.  When you see the Walton family or mega-billionaire inheritors of great fortunes literally not having to work a day in their lives, I don’t understand why anyone who chooses to be a wage-slave would vilify the poor person on welfare while not having one negative thing to say about the real problem: inheritance, corporate welfare.  It’s hypocritical for you to denigrate food stamps, Medicaid and the like while saying nothing about corporate subsidies, tax loopholes, CEO pay, etc.   

On my personal finances:  First of all you’re making several false speculations about my personal situation which is not the purpose of this discourse.  It’s a common tactic for those with nothing to contribute to a philosophical or political debate to revert to the ad hominem attack on the writer instead of arguing and debating the content of what’s written.  It’s obvious that you, like many, equate life with the pursuit of money.  If you choose to conform and lead that kind of existence good for you.  I do what I need to do to generate the financial resources necessary to survive.  There are ways to grab money without having an above-the-table tax-paying job every single solitary moment of your adult existence.  Where do you get your drinking money?  Which business enterprise do you sell yourself to in order to give the money right back to the banks, the cable companies, the oil/gas companies, etc.  Whether one works in a fashion acceptable to you or whether one does other things for money we are all essentially in the same condition: a life of relative unfreedom in which we must kneel before large financial institutions and all manner of private corporate tyranny.  If getting up and whistling while you faithfully perform some function in that system in exchange for a little cash makes you fulfilled as a human being then congratulations.  I’ve done that trip too and will again.  But keep your angry little anti-Peace rants coming if it’s what you need to get through the day oh happy and content person you expose yourself to be.  You talk about pathetic … I write original posts on serious matters … you, in typical right-wing fashion, react to everything I say and do it with venom and hatred.  Glad all your hard-earned $$$$$$$ has made you so kind.  The readers of this page appreciate it too.  Bye now.


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