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Maybe I shouldn’t say anything Peace can agree with as it seems to have set him off. His post of today, 24 August, is little more than a diatribe of religion hating propaganda with such convoluted analogies that I will not even try to dissect it. I think it would be better for all of us if he continues to disagree with me as the reverse apparently sends him into a frenzy. And you progressives think I write long posts?
The problem with Peace is that he becomes unhinged when I do not constantly refer to the bad things that the US has done over the years. I have agreed with him that many of the country’s actions were horrendous and should never be repeated. I especially pointed out the country’s horrible treatment of Indians. With the reservation system, the schools that attempted to destroy the Indian’s heritage and the absolutely horrendous treatment they received under the BIA. We should never want to be subjected to such treatment at any time.
Unfortunately for Peace this system which so mistreated the Indians is just they type of system he supports for everyone. Having the government run your lives as they did for the Indians is an atrocity that none should stand for. But, Peace’s indignation over how the government treated the Indians does not relate in any way to how the government will treat every citizen once it has total control over our lives as it had over the Indians on the reservations.
This is where there is a tremendous disconnect in Peace’s thinking to which he is completely blind. All of the negative things he posts about the US doing will probably come to pass once the government has the control over our lives that Peace and other progressives long to see. OH, there may not be as much violence, the militarization of local police might prove me wrong, but just as many people will probably die from lack of services for one reason or another. Whether they are denied medical treatment because of age of other factors or from general neglect from a uncaring political bureaucracy makes no difference. Peace is totally incapable of seeing the connections.
As for the palestinian flag on the Brooklyn Bridge being "cool" as he says, Peace’s sick attempt at humor is appalling. Maybe you didn’t see it but there was at least one person in Ferguson holding an ISIS sign saying they’re here! I do not find any of that to be cool in any way. It should cause one’s blood to go damned cold!
Peace supports hamas, hezbollah and the rest of the muslim terrorist groups in their contention that Israel is illegally occupying palestinian land. I’m not sure if he fully understands the palestinian position or not. Maybe Peace is just thinking of the West Bank, maybe not. In any event, the palestinians believe that all of the land that constitutes Israel is really palestinian land illegally occupied by Israel. I tend to think that Peace is in full agreement with the palestinian view that all of Israel is really palestinian land and all of Israel must go. Therefore, Peace agrees with the palestinian view that Israel must be destroyed and erased from the maps and memory. Whether or not Peace agrees that all Jews should be murdered is another point for him to live with.
It is a fact that thousands of ISIS fighters hold American, Canadian, British and other European country passports. Assuming that they are not killed fighting in the Middle East they will eventually return to their respective countries. Considering that many of these people will not require visas to enter the US they could easily regroup into terrorist cells. While we may not see the organized massive attacks that happen over there we could very easily see small group attack at soft targets such as schools, malls and anywhere they view as the best target for maximum effect – that is deaths. We already find one terrorist has been arrested for some murders. Even though he says they’re in retaliation for our actions against muslims he’ll probably not be labeled a terrorist under this administration just4 as the Fort Hood terrorist isn’t one to them.
Ignoring this possibility is foolish. I’ll get back to this and some other Peace rantings in another post.
One final point. It seems that our gubnor, Cuomo, has a credibility problem. He establishes a committee to investigate ethics but hastily disbands it when it starts looking into his actions. What has Cuomo got to hide?? 
Doc Bill

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