Re: racisism [sic]

Democrats and Republicans played switcheroo with the whole Party of Southern Racism thing symbolized in the era of Richard Nixon.  Since 1968 or so, with moves away from racism dating back to Franklin Roosevelt [and Eleanor] and the WWII-Cold War Era Democratic presidencies of Truman and Kennedy/Johnson, the Democrats have developed into the theoretical and sometimes substantive vehicle for the advancement of civil rights and all manner of justice for Black Americans in the United States. 

Nixon, the "Southern Strategy," the marriage of the Republican Party to the former Confederacy which has solidly lasted from 1968-2014 despite Obama narrowly picking off a few states Democrats haven’t normally won in recent presidential elections.  You”ll notice it is Republicans passing laws in southern states to restrict minority voting.  Republicans have mostly drawn the gerrymandered Congressional districts whereby the Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives despite the fact more voters voted Democratic in the last House election in 2012.  Republicans are leading the push for mass imprisonment of minorities in America which gives us, that wonderful bastion of human rights, the proud distinction of having more of its citizens in prison than any society in the world per capita and in total numbers.  Land of the Free hee hee hee.
The description of the event leading to the racist police murder by a uniformed armed white guy against an unarmed black man in Ferguson, Missouri.  More armed white killing of free black men in the United States.   It’s been happening for 400 years in North America. 

The "racisism" author’s suggestion that the slain black man was a "dope dealing thug" who had "attacked" a police officer is crafted in order to deceive and to bend people in the direction of supporting the white policeman’s action to shoot dead the unarmed person of color.  If I’m a "racisist" I think the author is just a plain old racist.  Wake up to what?  The KKK?  The Confederate Flag?  Auto racing?  Having really harsh views against your black countrymen? 

Go to sleep.  Idiot.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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