re tolerance

the whole problem with society is no one wants to teach the kids the basics of life anymore.thats the 10 commandments.they are the basic building stone for a good life and to be a good person.everyone wants to cry tolerance for gays,foreigners,lieing politicians,gun bans etc.yet not one of those libs will be tolerant of god or anyone that wants to believe in him.theyre doing everything they can to rid him from our country yet whine and complain about all the violence and one is more hypocritical than libs.they want anything thats evil but nothing thats right or good.libs are destroying america and we need to take it back now.all gays should be banned from haveing any children or govt jobs.if their gay,then their already mentally ill.why would you give a mentally ill person a kid or job in govt so they can hurt or abuse other people.mentally and physically.not to mention all the stealing ,lieing,and de moraliseing of society.also thajnk god for doc bill.we need everyone like that to grow a set and put gays,libs,and all trash back where they belong,in the trash.

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