The Ignorance of Peace

It is quite obvious that Peace is stunningly ignorant of the Constitution, which included the Amendments. For legal purposes they are commandments. 

Now, being a progressive/socialist Peace believes that the government should be all powerful in all things and that the people should do what they are told. This is the polar opposite of what our Founding Fathers created. The Founders created a Representative Republic, not a democracy. They feared the "tyranny of the majority" and so they provided us with the mechanisms we needed to avoid such tyranny. Unfortunately over the past century or so we have lost sight of that. With the help of a century plus of progressive pressure we have lost personal liberty and freedom because we have allowed the federal government to exceed the limits placed upon it by the Constitution!
Peace and all progressives hate the Second Amendment because it empowers the individual to take responsibility for himself, his family and community while at the same time pushing the governments, especially the federal government into a secondary role. As with just about all progressive issues it is about power and control, nothing else. Oh, sure, they try to terrify us with all their machinations of the evil and horrors of such freedom but this reasoning does not stand up to close scrutiny as is the case with all their claims.
As I posted once before the Founders had more knowledge and understanding of what improvements in weapons could be possible than they had in foreseeing the internet, computers and all the electronic stuff we have today. As I said then, by Peace’s reasoning none of those inventions would be covered by anything in the Constitution. The Founders could easily see rapid fire machine guns as the Puckle Gun had been invented at the beginning of the 18th century, 1718 to be exact. The Puckle Gun was a rapid fire weapon. Besides, Da Vinci had previously shown other rapid fire weapons besides tanks, submarines and flying machines. Sure, there were technical problems but the Founders knew that human ingenuity would eliminate those technical problems.
As with others who hate guns in the hands of a free people Peace see all kinds of massacres occurring. By only paying attention to the ObamaMedia Peace has no idea that mass shootings in this country are not rising out of control. He also doesn’t know that the overwhelming number of such shootings have occurred in GUN FREE ZONES! To make matters worse for Peace the overwhelming number of the shooters in these cases are LEFT-WING NUT CASES, not right-wing Conservatives!
Those on the left refuse to acknowledge that firearms are use some 2,000,000+ times a year for protection and most of the time the weapons are not fired. Just the sight of a victim with a weapons scares the stool out of these cowardly criminals. As recently reported in the Arizona Republic a 47 year old widow shot an home invader who attacked her. She had to shoot this thug while on the phone with 911 waiting for the police to arrive. The piece of scat did not die and has been in the hospital for quite a while.
Gun haters like Peace probably believe OBama’s lies about 40% of gun transfers taking place without a background check. This is typical for progressives to fill up their statistics with extras that do not fit the picture they paint. He based this figure on a small study that was made largely BEFORE BACKGROUND CHECKS WERE REQUIRED! Using the word "transfers" is also deceptive. Transfers not only include sales but inheritances and gifts within families. Remember, again this was mostly before background cheeks were required.
What Obama and Peace don’t want most people to know is that as the number of CCW permit carriers increases the number of crimes go down. This is what is happening in Chicago, of all places. Then we have the Police Chief of Detroit telling the citizens to arm themselves because the city is going to hell thanks to progressive politics and the police cannot be counted upon to be there in time. As he said you can plead with the criminal not to hurt you or protect yourself. Oh, and the Police Chief is black. He used to believe that people shouldn’t have guns when he was a cop in LA but moved to Maine a few years ago and discovered a completely different culture which changed his mind by the time he took the Detroit job.
Since gun free zones are magnets for evil doers who want to murder as many as possible they will undoubtedly be targets for ISIS jihadists. They do not necessarily have to be returning from the Middle East as we have lots of home grown jihadists right here thanks to our politically correct handling of mosques which are the jihadi schools. So far quite a few have come from Minnesota. Fortunately a couple of them have died over there but there are undoubtedly many more here who could attack schools, malls, restaurants and other places where progressives do not want guns in the hands of persons of good moral character. 
If and when this happens I have no doubt that any jihadi connections will be covered up and the blame will be on Conservatives and the gun. Obama is incapable of saying that anything is jihadi or use any other term to describe violence perpetrated by muslims. Such terminology has been scrubbed from all official doc-uments just as Foot Hood was "work place violence." We all know that he was a lone wolf jihadist bent on sending as many infidels to hell which gaining 72 virgins for himself.
In other news we find a mysterious virus attacking teenagers and children in a number of states. This raises questions about where all the illegal aliens kids have been sent since they were not screened for diseases which are rampant in their home countries. Is there a connection? I do not know and maybe it is only a coincidence but I have little faith in coincidences. 
A black gang beats up a white couple. No racism here, move along!
A 16 year old black girl is beaten up at a school bus stop by other blacks for acting white. No prejudice here, move along!
A Black woman in NYC forces whites out of their apartments and robs them because she is tired of white people moving into the area. No racism here, move along!
A Gang of black teens beats a white grocery store employee unconscious. No racism here, move along.
In other news the first species, the Aldabra banded snail, to become extinct because of global warming has been found alive and well.
A recent report points out that there were larger 50 year warming periods in the middle to late 18th century and mid 19th century with equally large cooling periods!

Our current cooling period may last until 2040.
Doc Bill

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