police log

I do like the look of the new site, however no police logs links do I see? Are you discontinuing that? hanks for bringing IO back, I wasnt sure what i would have coffee and read now lol.

Welcome Back

Glad to see the website back. Good luck Fran. Jim will be missed. Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year to all.

Inside Oswego

I thought long and hard about bringing “Inside Oswego” back. I have not been feeling well for a while, and I wondered if I would have the energy and stamina to take on the burden of running a controversial website like “Inside Oswego”. Many people love this site. Many hate it. But I also realized that this website, and others …

I love oswego

Thanks for brining this site back,,,I love to read other peoples opinions ,,,most are valid,some are vauge….all in all i love Oswego

Welcome Back Fran

Welcome back Fran. Good luck with PHP-Nuke. It makes a lot of sense for a forum such as IO. From one entertainer to another, here is hoping for an entertaining new year. Keep up the controversy.

Merry Christmas

Inside Oswego is back. We welcome your news and views. Merry Christmas and a very controversial New Year.