The Second Amendment, etc.

Oh, so I’m part of the militia!  I never knew that!  Great!  So when is this militia regulated?  When was the last time the militia, apparently existing at all times in all places in the United States since the adoption of the Second Amendment in December 1791, was regulated?  Who regulates it?  Oh the militia itself regulates itself.  Wouldn’t the media report such an important occurrence on page 1?  "Citizen Militia To Be Regulated Thursday!  Read All About It!" 

Once again, I do not hate the United States.  I hate genocide, slavery, war, aggression, racism, white supremacy, corporate rule, inequality and environmental devastation.  Insofar as the United States exhibits or has exhibited those qualities I criticize it … as any responsible citizen would.  Doc Bill is just an uncritical flag-waving jingoist.  There’s plenty of people like him watching Sean Hannitty and the rest of the corporate right-wing shock police badgering the people over the head with images of the flag and tales of unique American benevolence.  It’s funny, they’re like children in adult bodies.

I can’t move past the country’s unfortunate history because it’s still very much part of the country’s unfortunate present.  The United States is the biggest purveyor of violence and environmental destruction in the world today.  No other country has combined such brutally aggressive violence over such a long historical time span with such callous disregard for the planetary conditions necessary to sustain human and many other forms of life.  As we speak, the corporate rulers of America are embarking on yet another Middle East War, in partnership with the Arab dictatorships, to combat an enemy U.S. policy itself created.  There was no al Qaeda in Syria or Iraq before George W. Bush’s criminal invasion and occupation, complete with mass killing of Arab civilians, systemic torture and mass confinement at various global prison camps like Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Does that mean I hate America?  I think it means I want America to modify itself to conform to good citizenship as one of many state representatives of the human species.  I would like my daughter and future generations to live peacefully and sustainably on Earth.  I think my critique comes out of love, not hate … I’ll let the reader decide.

Which countries have worse environmental records than the United States?  Maybe China has pulled ahead just because of the fact it has 1 billion more people?  No serious argument can be made for any other society having a more negative impact on the environment than the United States.

Which countries have worse records with violence and war than the United States since the dawn of colonial America?  Native American genocide, expansionist war in Mexico, Central America, the Philippines, U.S. occupation of Cuba, Nicaragua, etc.  American support for hideous right-wing dictatorships after WWII the world over with incalculable victims.  America’s horrific slaughter of the people of Vietnam, chemical warfare (napalm, Agent Orange, etc), dropping more tonnage on the Vietnamese than was used in the entirety of WWII, just brutal violence with millions of victims, destabilizing Cambodia, creating the conditions for the Khmer Rouge [as Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama created the conditions for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria].  I mean I haven’t even gotten to the Reagan slaughters in Central America, support for Guatemalan military genocide against Mayan villagers, Reagan’s support for right-wing Apartheid states in southern Africa, Clinton’s brutal sanctions regime in Iraq killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children in the 1990’s.  I don’t need to even mention the war of terror that has been America’s "War on Terror," with its mass killing, drone terror, torture, and destabilization and the resulting misery from North Africa through the Arab Middle East, to Afghanistan and Pakistan.  In pursuit of its system of corporate capitalism and military hegemony of as much of the planet and human species as it can dominate, the United States has a unique commitment to violence [oh yeah, and the whole gun culture thing at home where rational people have to argue with Captain Ed about the relevance of a 1791 amendment passed in a world before the instruments of death and destruction we endure today].

Doc Bill’s even defending the 3/5 compromise now!  Wow.  Allowing the southern slave regime to inflate its Congressional representation by including 3/5 of people with no human, political or other rights whatsoever.  Well, that is a pretty good example of Doc Bill’s idea of freedom and democracy.  It’s amazing that he has the gall to actually publicize such positions.

Oh yeah, Frederick Douglass was a progressive by the way.  And the Western Hemisphere without the United States?  Um, a progressive Canada, Native American entity, and Latin America?  Sounds pretty good to me.  Brazil, Venezuela, and the rest of the left-wing societies in Latin America finally throwing off the shackles of U.S. imperialism as they’ve done in the 21st century?  One of the great achievements for humankind amid all the U.S.-imposed misery over the same period.  There is hope for humanity … it’s just not centered in Corporate USA.


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