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I find it interesting that the same slugs on the other site are telling Captain Ed to get lost. A few are trying to connect him and me. At the very least they claim he is a carbon copy of me. If he keeps posting it won’t be too long before they make the false claim that he and I are the same just as they claimed Paranoid and I were the same individual. The simple truth of the matter is that these individuals are afraid of the truth. Captain Ed is telling like it is and they cannot stand that reality. These individuals have to live in their fanciful utopian universe and condemn anything or anyone who challenges their religiously held beliefs.

I also found the history lesson by George M. Clark to be extraordinarily valuable. He has provided an excellent explanation of the reasoning behind the Second Amendment. He emphasized the fact that the true understanding of that amendment and the entire Constitution is dependent upon understanding the meaning of the words used by the writers as they were defined at the time. As I explained some time ago just as in contracts one has to determine, to the best degree of understanding possible, what the intent of the parties was at the time a contract, or provision of a contract, the agreement was reached. 
Since the Founding Fathers were prolific writers it is far easier to understand what were their intentions 200+ years later then it is to understand the intent of negotiators who agreed to a contract provision that could be years or decades old when some have retired, died, moved away or are unavailable for other reasons.
Mr. Cclark has provided the reader with a excellent opportunity to understand why the Second Amendment is there as well as what it means. Interpreting this amendment or any other provision of the Constitution without applying the definitions of words the Founders understood the words to mean will keep you from realizing the truth.
Those who oppose the private ownership of firearms continually misinterpret the Second Amendment and erroneously apply today’s definitions of the words to fit their preconceived belief that private citizens have no need for firearms of any kind. This convoluted thinking and application of meaning is typical of those who seek to empower the government at the expense of the freedom of the individual.
Mr. Clark’s partial family history also grabbed my attention as my grandparents also came from that same region of Eastern Europe. They too came to the US prior to WWI. There is no relationship between Mr. Clark and I so you idiots can disabuse yourselves of any claim to the contrary though I doubt that will dissuade you. Your myopic view of reality and ignorance of basic truths make it impossible for you to believe that more than just one or two people could disagree with your belief system. As many progressives said in 1968, "I don’t know anyone who voted for Nixon. How could he have won?"
Doc Bill 

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