Voting irregularities, Ebola, progressive hypocrisy and more

Jim Moynihan, a Republican candidate in Chicago, discovered that he could not vote for himself. The video voting machine he tried to use automatically changed all of his Republican votes to democrat. This is probably just an isolated incident but then there were all those massive votes for Ebama in 2012 when more votes were cast for him then there were registered voters.

In Colorado more democrat tricks have been exposed. It seems that the democrat controlled legislature has made it possible for anyone to vote there as long as you live there for 21 days before registering to vote which can be done on election day. I’m sure there is no possibility of abuse occurring because of these democrat schemes. 
Also concerning Colorado three yours girls 15-17 years old were detained in Germany while on their way to Syria to support the islamofascists fight civilization. Though what they expected to do is not entirely clear it is most likely that they would have been married off to jihadists or treated as sex slaves to become baby factories for the cause.
Back to voting, Ebama went back to his home district to vote. While there a guy took issue with he possibility of Ebama touching his girlfriend who was standing at the next voting station. "Don’t touch my girlfriend!" the guy warned. Obama didn’t listen to him and did so anyway. 
The Student Affairs Office at Stony Brook University violated election laws by promoting a democrat campaign event. The DOJ should investigate this thoroughly and bring charges against those involved. All concerned from the individuals to the university should be treated no differently than Dinesh D’Souza was for his violations of the election law.
It now seems that we will be restricting people from West Africa requiring them to travel to one of five airports. At these airports they are supposed to be evaluated before actual entry into the country. This is a partial move but at least it isn’t instant entry. If, however, another individual arrives, goes through this screening process then develops Ebola after a 21 or 42 day incubation period the Ebama administration better totally restrict any people from that region from coming here until the epidemic is over.
Finally, Missouri democrat state senator Jamilah Rasheed was recently arrested at a Ferguson rally. Police discovered that she was armed with a 9mm handgun and with extra ammo. Not only that she appeared to be intoxicated! 
Rasheed has introduced several ANTI-GUN bills in her state. As with all these hypocritical leftists she believes that she is above the average person. She wants the rights which she will quickly deny others.
Doc Bill


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