Waste of Tax Dollars

So the great board of education is pulling another fast one by us tax payers.  Apparently since the current athletic director took a new position at a much finer school district , it is said that a few board members told the AD to leave his position immediately but they are still paying him until he starts his new position.  This is the 3rd Administrator that has left the OCSD for another position elsewhere but a few members of the board decide to tell these people they have to leave right away but they still get paid.  Pete Colucci had this happen as well as Amy Devita.  What a waste, the board couldnt wait to get him out of there so they could get one of their puppets in there to act as an Athletic Director on paper but really they will be calling the shots.  When will the board in Oswego actually be a board an follow policy.  In oswego , people want to blame the teachers , administrators and other district employees but this is getting out of hand, the board is running a dictatorship/mob.  More $$$ is being wasted but what will be done to correct this?  Scott Sugar was a great AD for oswego now he gets to take his talents to FM a much more prestige district, but since he doesnt want to act like a puppet, and actually perform his job duties the way he knows how , the board says you have to go now but don’t worry you will still get paid.  These people claim how they want to serve the tax payers , but what type of service is this?  This is another waste just like it was a waste when they suspended the perverted principal with pay except he came back to get another principal position in Oswego.  You are a board you don’t have the rights/knowledge to do what you are doing.  Don’t worry people teachers, and other district employees will catch on, they will start going to the board with complaints to help better themselves and screw over the next person because when you act like a puppet for this board you will get what you want.  I guess since a few members of this current board think they have the power then why employ Bill Crist , what is the purpose , I’m guessing educational law says each district must have a superintendent, but what does he do, or is he more of a public relations type guy, with the SUPER title, just like the new AD will be, the board will say jump so you jump.  This is Oswego politics at its best , that is why nothing will ever change for the good, whether its educational or for the tax payer.  Clearly a few people on the board are there to help friends and family obtain jobs, or help current employees get what they want, all they have to do is put the strings on. 

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