Why are we allowing an out of town developer to use our sewer system?

By allowing new housing developments (to use our sewer system) inside and outside Oswego WITHOUT A LONGTERM DEVELOPMENT PLAN we are emptying our neighborhoods of student, working families and retirees who are atleast aspiring to an educational degree and a career or attempting live the American Dream. Its easier to manage a person with aspirations and goals. The vacuum created by this migration is sucking in dirtbags, drug attics and welfare bums in as there replacements. Its called “the law of unintended consequences”. Since our local economy is in the toilet and because we aren’t focusing enough on attracting enough decent living wage jobs here and the fact that we already have a glut of housing. With the new push to green light new housing developments sadly we are attracting “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” to call our neighbors! Like a good chess match a good player should be thinking 5 or 6 move ahead of the current move in an effort to avoid the pitfalls of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES!! Lets stop being “reactionary” and try carefully planned “proactivity” for a change. We only have to look back a few years to see the consequences of selling our children’s birthright our water intake tunnel. GONE FOR EVER IS THE LOW COST ABUNDANT FRESH WATER for a few shackles a year and now look we have nothing. Nice work Mayor Hammill

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